Crua Loj Extreme Accessory Bundle

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  • Extreme Accessory Pack Includes:
  • - Crua Loj Reversible Reflective Waterproof Flysheet
  • - 2 x Set of 6 Mini-Carabiners
  • - 2 x Set of 5 Crua Storm Stakes
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This extreme accessory pack will help give you peace of mind in any weather situation!  The Crua Loj Extreme Accessory Pack includes:

* Crua Loj Reflective Waterproof Flysheet - increases the waterproofing of the Crua Loj from 5,000 HH to 8,000 HH and the reflective side keeps you cooler in the hot sun.

* 2 Sets of 6 mini carabiners - to attach to your Crua Loj guylines to make it easier to put on and take off your Reflective Waterproof Flysheet.

* 2 Sets of 5 Storm Stakes - to make sure that when you stake down your Crua Loj, it stays down! 

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