Insulated Tents - Crua Outdoors

Developing tents that deliver when it counts, no matter the conditions, is why Crua was founded in the first place. If you're happy, we're happy. We set out to achieve our goal by integrating cutting-edge design practices with premium materials, sturdy but lightweight support structures, and the most up-to-date insulation technology. The result is truly something to brag about; a highly engineered, weatherproof environment that you can rely on to protect you from the elements and prevent intrusive light and noise pollution from interrupting your beauty sleep. It's like having your very own cocoon in the great outdoors.

Crua's DuraBreathe™ microfiber-dense fabric (which boasts an R-value of 9) resists the conductive flow of heat, and while the lining may be super thin, it does a fantastic job of keeping the heat generated by you and your camping companions inside your tent. That's 19 times better than the insulation offered by conventional tents and 150% better than a deluxe camping mattress. Plus, the breathable polycotton used to make the tent's inner lining and flysheet as well as the water proof TPU laminate on the flysheet's underside, means you don't have to worry about condensation turning your tent into a "slip 'n slide".