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Insulated Tents and Hammocks

Live Tough. Sleep Easy.

Our patent-pending tents and hammocks are engineered to deliver everything you – the intrepid adventurer – demand from your outdoor gear. Premium quality materials. Check. Advanced modular designs with the scope for add-on units. Check. Next-level insulation that protects you from the elements and ensures your tent is dark and quiet when it counts most. We’ve got you covered. Choose Crua because conquering the wilderness doesn’t mean sacrificing on the comfort of a good night’s sleep.

We design our tents to work for you. That means combining the best design practice with the best materials. Breathable materials, tough frames and insulated walls combine in perfect harmony, and the result is something special. Choose Crua Outdoors for the most comfortable night’s sleep that you will ever have in the wild. Guaranteed.

Climate Control

A well-controlled interior temperature is key to your comfort whilst camping. Our climate rating measures your ability to control and maintain the interior temperature of your tent in both cold and warm weather.

Blackout Levels

We all love the sunrise, but it doesn't mean we should be out of bed. Who doesnt love a lie-in every now-and-then. The blackout level measures your tents ability to block out the sun and allow for a more natural sleep level, for longer.

Sound Dampening

In busy campgrounds, most of us are looking for an oasis of calm, and not to be able to hear our neighbour snoring. Sound dampening is measuring your tents ability to keep out not just the howling wind, but the noise of it too.

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