Why become a Crua Ambassador?

At Crua, we develop technically advanced & disruptive climate-regulating tents for both recreational and commercial use.  We are looking for Ambassadors to join our clan who passionate about the outdoors!  If you think your personal brand, your loyal followers and Crua are a match made in heaven, let's get talking!

Want to learn more about the program? Download the Brand Ambassador Guide.


How To Get Started

Get started by filling out the application form and our team will guide you through the entire process.

  • Apply below by filling out the Brand Ambassador Application Form.
  • Review & Sign the Brand Ambassador Contract.
  • Receive Crua Campaign Offers!

Meet @bigheartstinyspaces 

I’m a mom of three who enjoys traveling solo on and off the paved road! Camping allows us to explore deeper, further immersing ourselves in nature. I remember the days I was nervous to leave the house with my new baby and now I take 3 five and under camping alone. I enjoy empowering and teaching other moms how to do the same! 

- Sammy, Crua Brand Ambassador

Meet The Crua Community

Where may we feature Crua Ambassadors?

Ambassadors, like you, are an integral part of Crua. We promote our Ambassadors across multiple channels including the Crua Website, Social Media Channels, Crua Community Pages, and Marketplaces. We also include you in promotional materials, shoots and digital and print content.

What content do the Ambassadors create for Crua Campaigns?

  • Short Videos
  • Long Videos
  • Photographs
  • Blogs
  • Product Reviews
  • Testimonials

For Ambassador Program queries please email danielleg@cruaoutdoors.com.

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