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Crua Core - 6 Person Modular Dome Tent

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Crua Comfort Rating: 8/10

What is this?

We were going to name this tent the “Crua Multi-Tool of Camping Tents”, but instead we settled on the Crua Core.  The Core sets up in just minutes thanks to its strong air-beam construction.  Why a multi-tool tent?  Because on its own, it’s an amazing 6-person tent with a large vestibule that can attach to most vehicles.  But it can also be pared in multiple combinations with the Crua Duo, Crua Cocoon, Crua Duo Max or Crua Cocoon Max for some unique and exciting camping experiences. 

Note: The Crua Core includes a pump.

What is the Crua Comfort Rating?


The Crua Core - 6 Person Modular Dome Tent scores 8/10 on the CCR.

At Crua, our primary goal is making the camping experience more comfortable. It is why we started our business day 1. We were focused on solving some age old problems, namely getting a good night's sleep; being warm or cool enough when required and not having to be awake just because the sun is up

So we designed our insulated tents and have been making them better ever since. We have agonised over how to bring this to life via our site and social channels too. We have alot of content to help you understand our product. We have added augmented reality and 360 degreee videos and more. But that is not enough. We have spent many months comparing our tents to some of our well-known competitors and we said we would start developing a simple ranking system to make this even more real for you, our customers.

With that, we give you the Crua Comfort Rating (CCR). An easy to follow, subjective ranking guide on how we compare against leading market alternatives. We took the simple problems above and ranked all our tents and comparables to:

  • Blackout levels
  • Climate control
  • Modularity
  • Sound dampening
  • Waterproofing

Modularity is something that you told us you wanted to see from our tents. Easy to set up, easy to expand, easy to insulate and so on. This guide is how we aim to make some of these not so easy to measure considerations to life. We have alot of customer reviews that help confirm this too. For a new brand, we wanted to find a credible way to bring our uniqueness to life.

We all love the sunrise, but it doesn't mean we should be out of bed. The blackout level measures your tents ability to block out the sun and allow for a more natural sleep level, for longer.

7 / 10

A well-controlled interior temperature is key to your comfort whilst camping. Our climate rating measures your ability to control and maintain the interior temperature of your tent.

7 / 10

Modularity measures your ability to grow or customise your tent series to allow your shelter to seamlessly connect to other products or vehicles like cars or RV's. Expanding or shrinking your tent system depending on your needs is a real stand out feature of our series of modular tents and systems.

10 / 10

In busy campgrounds, most of us are looking for an oasis of calm, and not to be able to hear our neighbour snoring. Sound dampening is measuring your tents ability to keep out not just the howling wind, but the noise of it too. Again contributing to a better sensory experience.

6 / 10

A little self-explanatory - but waterproof is different to water resistant. Waterproofing is measured in Hydrostatic Head (HH), and simply put, this is the measure of the amount of water pressure a tent can withstand. The higher the number, the more water pressure the tent can withstand before you start getting wet. But this is just one factor. For that reason all our seams and zips are also made leak-proof.

10 / 10
Crua Outdoors 3D Experience


Experience the Crua Core - 6 Person Modular Dome Tent in full 3D. Zoom in to view the exceptional Crua Outdoors build quality. Rotate it to view all angles - even underneath it! Get instant measurements and even crawl inside it. Just like the real deal.

Left mouse button rotates the 3D model
Right mouse button moves the 3D model
Scroll wheel zooms in/out of the 3D model

Use normal pinch/zoom features and click/drag gestures to zoom, move and rotate the 3D model

Why not view this model in AR (Augmented Reality). Simply click on the AR logo in the main image gallery above to launch the AR Experience. View the full sized the in detail in your home, garden, wherever!
*This feature only avaialbe on iPhones with 12.0 or greater OS

Please be aware of your surroundings when using the AR feature

Features and Specs



Sleeps 6 persons
Breathable polyester material with HH5000mm water-resistant outer layer
Airframe structure
Jumbo zips
B3 bug mesh
Fire retardant


WIDTH: 16ft / 488cm
LENGTH: 12ft / 366cm
HEIGHT: 7.5ft / 226cm
TOTAL FLOOR SPACE: 192 sq. ft / 17.8 sq. m
TRAIL WEIGHT: 33 lbs / 15 kg


Trail weight refers to the weight of the tent body, rain fly, and poles ONLY. This is also sometimes referred to as minimum weight. Packed weight is NOT the same as trail weight.

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