Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Make the most of your outdoor sleeping experience with this specially crafted four-season sleeping bag. The mummy sleeping bag is lightweight, warm, soft, machine washable and everything else you would want from a sleeping bag.

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Unlike many sleeping bags, the zipper will never leak heat. It uses a nylon double way auto-lock system, ensuring you won’t feel the cold. Staying warm in harsh weather conditions is a priority, which is why we designed this sleeping bag to withstand temperatures as low as 23°f (-5°C). When you’re camping, having a lightweight sleeping bag is essential, and that’s what the CRUA mummy sleeping bag offers, not only is it super lightweight but it won’t take up much room in your backpack, which is thanks to the compression sack.

  • Double-Layered Insulation Filling Weight of 1000 grammes.
  • Our Thermal Sleeping Bag is tailored for Frigid Temperatures and has a rating of 23°F (-5°C)
  • Zipper will never leak Heat due to Nylon Double Way Auto-Lock System.
  • Mummy Shaped Design which is spacious around the shoulders and tapered at the legs.
  • Easy to Clean and Machine Washer Friendly.
  • Only 4 lbs / 1.9kg in Weight - Super Lightweight.


Dimensions & Weight:

Length: 6.8 ft / 210 cm

Width (TOP): 31.5 in / 80 cm

Width (BOTTOM): 23.6 in / 60 cm

Height: 22 in / 55 cm

Packed Weight: 4 lbs / 1.9 kg

Packed Dimensions: 14 in x 9 in / 39 cm x 23 cm



Synthetic Fibre Insulation which is Double Layered for increased warmth during the Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Nylon Double Auto Lock System which will never leak heat

Lightweight and Portable with help from the included Compression Sack taking up very little room in your backpack

Machine Washable for your convenience

Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag can withstand temperatures as low as 23 f (-5c)



Double Layered Insulation Filling Weight: 1000 g

Comfortable Temperatures: 5 - 15 degrees C

Compression Sack Included

Nylon Double Way Auto-Lock System

Color: Green

Material: Breathable Polyester

Shape: Mummy

Shoulder Baffle

Ridged Hood with Drawstring


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All of our Crua products carry a full two-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. If for any reason you are experiencing an issue that you feel falls under our Warranty, we will be happy to help. For more information on our Crua Warranty please visit our Returns & Warranty Page


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Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Perfect for tall campers

I am a tall guy (6'7" or ~2.0m) and this is the only sleeping bag I have tried that does not make me feel cramped. The bag fits without needing to bend your legs and has enough space at the shoulders to feel snug but not restricted. Add in that it kept me warm all night and is super soft with no cold spots; its safe to say I have found the perfect bag to take on all my adventures! If you know a tall person looking for the perfect sleeping solution I highly recommend this bag.

Renee S
Other than that an awesome sleeping bag

The sleeping bag was very soft and warm. I wish there would have been a little more padding for a pillow. Other than that an awesome sleeping bag!

Perfect for camping!

This is a really good quality ground pad. It comes in a cinch bag with two elastic straps to keep it rolled up tight, and a mini patch kit with glue. It seems to work just as well and be every bit as comfortable as my name brand thermarest. Nice and compact. Definitely recommend.

Christopher W.
I first purchased this item through their Kickstarter program back in March 2017

I first purchased this item through their Kickstarter program back in March 2017 and finally received it around mid-July 2017 while visiting my brothers up in the Pacific Northwest. Once I received it I immediately added it my personal 72 Hour Survival Bug Out Bag that I built myself over the past few years and I keep making slight adjustments and improvements to it to have more capabilities but be hopefully lighter in weight and more compact. I'm constantly trying to find newer and better products that have more multi-functional uses but be reasonable with weight. This Crua Hybrid Tent is not the lightest or cheapest one person tent I've ever purchase but it is the most compact multi-functional 2-in-1 tent I've ever purchased. I have had to make a few modifications to the stuff sack of the 2-in-1 tent in order for the mouth of the stuff sack to remain closed and to be able to attach the entire tent in the stuff sack to the outside strap webbing of my survival backpack and I've also suggested these modification improvements to the Crua Outdoors Company. Besides the 2-in-1 tent itself, which can be a one person ground tent or a one person hammock tent, it also comes with a rain-fly, stakes, para-cord strings, flexible tent poles, a self inflating one person air mattress like yoga mat with stuff sack similar to a Klymit Static-V blow-up mattress but 2-3 times larger . It also comes with your choice of a 35 degree or 20 degree antibacterial fabric sleeping bag and stuff sack. The tent itself in its stuff sack weights 7.2 LBS but it weights a bit more with the one persona air mattress and sleeping bag. It is a very easily setup tent compared to other tents, except maybe compared to the IBNS/Badgers one person spring loaded pop-up tents from Catoma Outdoors that connect to military COT frames. I very much like the feature of being able to chose to whether I want to sleep on the ground or off the ground between two trees/poles and the fact that if you purchase two of these tents you can lay them side by side and attach them together from the outside middle of the tent and then unzip the interior walls between the two tents turning two one person tents into a two person combined together tent. I had a great time using this tent to sleep in front of the base of Panther Creek Falls north of Carson, WA., by a beautiful flowing creek at the beginning trail of Falls Creek Falls north of Carson, WA., at the begining of the hiking trail heading to the Lower Lewis River Falls 90 minutes east of Woodland WA., at the top of Sahalie Falls on HWY 126 east of Eugene, OR., at the Tamolitch glacier blue pool north of the Belknap Hot Springs Lodge east of Eugene, OR., and at Proxy Falls 9 miles east of the Belknap Hot Springs Lodge east of Eugene, OR. I would definitely recommend this product to others whether your packing it into your car and driving up to the camping spot or your adding it to your hiking/survival backpack to travel through the wilderness and setup camp.

I am not a pro outdoorsman at all but hopefully you can find a bit more of a moderate review here

I am not a pro outdoorsman at all but hopefully you can find a bit more of a moderate review here: I recently took the Crua Hybrid on a trip to the French River up here in Ontario, Canada. I was in the backcountry for 3 days and 2 nights so I opted to leave the hammock modules at home to reduce weight.* Very easy to set up as a tent and easy to pack up again. Temps only went down to 48°F. I slept comfortably all weekend. Typical condensation on the fly in the morning, perhaps exacerbated due to camping along a river system. I would say that the air mattress that the Crua Hybrid ships with is comparable to a Thermarest Pro-Lite. An instruction manual, if needed, is available as a free online download.* The product description is accurate - I am also a Kickstarter backer of this project and I was not at any point led to believe things about the weight of this product that were not true.

Compact and comfortable

A good quality sleeping bag. Haven't used it outside yet, but so far it's exactly as described and just what I was looking for.

Karee Lynn Johnson
Very nice looking and high quality

Comfy and light weight. Very nice looking and high quality. Was a little hard to put away away little to warm for me- but I know that’s the point! Will have to try it out for colder nights camping.

Karee Lynn Johnson
Good quality

Very compact, light weight, easy to set up and or away. The only complaint I had is there were no instructions included. Seems like great quality and it was comfortable!!

Jeremy Mueller
Its reallu comfortable and the zipper and draw strings work perfectly

I got my Crua sleeping bag yesterday and spent some time checking it out. It’s reallu comfortable and the zipper and draw strings work perfectly. It also came with a great bag with a draw string to carry it in. It will be very easy to take with for a backpacking trip.

David Baket
Compact great choice!!

Super warm and comfortable sleeping bag. Came just in time for another snow and I slept in it that night!I love the mummy style and being 6’0” it is plenty long enough for me.