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5 Mistakes Every New Camper Makes While Tent Camping | Video Guide

5 Mistakes Every New Camper Makes While Tent Camping | Video Guide

5 Mistakes Every New Camper Makes While Tent Camping

Don’t you just hate it when you arrive at your campsite, set up your tent and everything around it and you're ready to kick back with a beer and suddenly you realize: Oh no! We're in the wrong place. We've done something wrong. We've set it up wrong.

This video is all about giving you a few hints and tips on how to set up your tent and your campsite correctly, and above all safely, so that you can maximize the best possible night sleep in the wild. So, let's avoid the 5 mistakes every new camper makes while tent camping!

Mistake 1 - Setting up camp on top of a hill or down in the valley!

Mistake 2 - ...

Watch the video for more common mistakes every camper makes, and easy solutions!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of arriving at your campsite, only to realize that something went wrong with your tent setup? It's a common camper's nightmare: you've lugged all your gear out into the wilderness, only to face unexpected challenges with your shelter. But fear not! In this video, we're here to equip you with the knowledge and tips you need to set up your tent and campsite correctly, ensuring a safe and comfortable outdoor adventure.

Choosing the Right Location

Before you even unpack your tent, it's crucial to scout out the perfect camping spot. Ideally, you want flat ground that's sheltered from the elements. Avoid setting up camp on hilltops or in valleys prone to flooding. Take note of wind direction and orient your tent so that its strongest side faces into the wind. This simple step can prevent a restless night of flapping tent fabric.

Setting Up Your Dome Tent

First up, we have the classic dome tent. These freestanding structures are straightforward to assemble, making them perfect for beginners. Start by closing the tent doors before staking it out. This ensures proper tension and alignment. Pay attention to the ground beneath your tent, removing any sharp objects that could damage the floor. With a dome tent, you'll enjoy a sturdy shelter that's quick to pitch, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy nature.

Exploring Air Beam Tents

Next, we delve into the realm of air beam tents. These innovative shelters utilize inflatable beams instead of traditional poles, offering a unique camping experience. Setting up an air beam tent involves pumping air into designated chambers, creating a stable structure in minutes. While they may not be as rigid as traditional tents, air beam models provide excellent insulation and noise reduction, enhancing your camping comfort.

Mastering Tunnel Tents

Last but not least, we tackle tunnel tents. With their elongated design, tunnel tents offer ample space and stability, especially when camping with companions. Setting up a tunnel tent may require teamwork, but the result is a spacious and cozy retreat. Whether you opt for aluminum or air frames, tunnel tents provide a reliable shelter for extended outdoor stays.

Final Tips and Considerations

As you pack up your gear, remember to dry out your tent if it's damp to prevent mold and mildew growth. Additionally, if you have any specific camping topics you'd like us to cover in future videos, let us know in the comments below. Your feedback helps us tailor our content to meet your needs.


With these expert tips and techniques, you're well-equipped to conquer any camping challenge that comes your way. From choosing the perfect campsite to mastering tent setup, a safe and comfortable outdoor experience awaits.

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