Spotlight on Germany - Our Ultimate Global Camping Guide

July 16 2019 – Davin Kelly

Spotlight on Germany - Our Ultimate Global Camping Guide - Crua Outdoors
Spotlight on Germany - Our Ultimate Global Camping Guide - Crua Outdoors

Spotlight on Germany - Our Ultimate global camping guide

This month we are kicking off our guide to camping all around the world, a simple 2 minute read to tell you all you need to know. Places we have been to and some of our amazing community members also. We are taking suggestions for the Winter guide now also. Get in touch.

At the end of the month, we will share this in a handy to use guide to store wherever you need it.


Germany is a land of lively towns and villages, coupled with a strong culture and traditional customs. Whether you’re traveling alone or with kids in tow, a camping trip to any one of its regions will see you indulging in a mix of adventurous, culinary and relaxing activities.

With over 3000 campsites and motorhome sites, Germany is ideal for affordable holidays in the countryside. Many activities await you, such as sailing, motor boating, golf, hiking, and horseback riding.

Things to consider before camping in Germany

  • When camping in the wild make sure that camping is not forbidden and that you have the permission of the owner. Camping wherever you like in Germany is illegal.
  • Most campsites in Germany average about €10 – €30 a day.
  • July is a great month to get out and enjoy outdoor active pursuits, with fantastic temperatures and moderate rainfall. The average daily temperature reaches its highest for the year, topping out at 18°C (about 64°F).

Tips for Camping in Germany

  • Be Prepared - Most importantly, be prepared. If you are going out in the sun make sure you carry sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent and even a light jacket to contend with the unpredictable changes.
  • Insulate - Insulation works not only in the cold to help keep you warm but also in the heat to help keep you cool. This is why Crua’s range of insulated tents are truly all-season products.
  • Reserve - Book your campsite in advance as during the summer months it can get busy

Places to visit in Germany

  • The Moselle region of Germany is a famous place to visit where you will find plenty of campsites. Enjoy the steep vineyards and riverside towns as you hike here and there.
  • One of the most famous sites to camp is the Mühlleiten campsite in the heart of the German Alps. Here in the Berchtesgadener Land, you will experience the magnificent views and plenty of outdoor recreation of all kinds
  • Saxony Switzerland near Dresden is home to an awesome and unique landscape. Although it’s quite difficult to camp there because the whole area is a nature conservation area, it’s the perfect place for day hiking.
  • Camping Germany wouldn’t be complete without heading north to Berger Lake. Water sports lovers will find they can pitch their tent right by the water, then take part in some surfing, boating and even archery.


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