Spotlight on California - Our Ultimate Global Camping Guide

Spotlight on California - Our Ultimate Global Camping Guide - Crua Outdoors

Spotlight on California - Our Ultimate global camping guide

This month we are kicking off our guide to camping all around the world, a simple 2 minute read to tell you all you need to know. Places we have been to and some of our amazing community members also. We are taking suggestions for the Winter guide now also. Get in touch.

At the end of the month, we will share this in a handy to use guide to store wherever you need it.


California State encompasses a vast selection of scenery and different terrain to explore. Northern California is home to vast wilderness, wildlife and mountain living. Southern California offers a different environment, this is where you can experience the big cities, sunny weather and magnificent views of the Pacific coastline. California offers those who live there and those who visit a variety of different places to see and explore. Whether you are into the wilderness or exploring the cities.

Things to consider before camping in California

  • Research where you’re heading to camp. There are a number of different camping areas, depending on where you are going. Everything from the beach to National Parks, State land, Private Land. You have options.
  • Knowing the seasons will help you determine when to plan your trip and also what to expect for weather. Peak season is summertime, everyone is out of school and ready to getaway. Peak season in California is in June, July, August and these months are going to be the busiest time for travel. Shoulder season April, May, and October. These months tend to be cooler and less busy. Low season, this season is going to be in the winter months. Finally, the low season is going to be quieter and fewer crowds of people.
  • Also by knowing what season you will be camping in, will help determine what kind of clothing and gear you will need. Whether you are camping on the beach or in the mountains, layers are always a good idea.

Tips for Camping in California

  • Rules and Regulations - Check out California's rules and regulations for the area you will be visiting.
  • Beach camping - It's not every day you get to experience the sound of ocean waves slapping against the rocks as you sleep. Beach camping is one of a kind experience. Keep in mind beach camping has different rules and regulations. Make sure to reserve your spot and to follow signs put in place by park employees.
  • Dogs - California does offer many different hiking trails and places for your dog to roam and explore. In order to keep your dog safe and to respect the area. Call ahead to the campsite you will be stay or hiking area to ensure dogs are allowed. Due to wildlife habit, revegetation and other projects, the family pet may not be allowed in that area.

Places to visit in California

  • Yosemite National Park-First protected in 1864, known for its amazing waterfalls, ancient sequoias, meadows covered in wildflowers and much more. When visiting the park, make sure to read the regulations for travel and for camping.
  • California Wildflower Super Bloom- Throughout the state, there are gorgeous wildflowers that blanket many meadows. Each year, depending on how the temperatures have been and rainfall, will determine when these super blooms occur. Check out the wildflower hotline for all things wildflower.
  • California’s Pacific Coast Highway- If you are looking to take a break from hiking. Jump in your car, roll the windows down and enjoy the salty ocean air. California's Pacific Coast Highway is known for its beautiful scenery and could possibly be one of the most beautiful drives you can experience.
  • San Francisco- Stepping away from the wilderness, San Francisco is a vibrate fun city. Have you ever experienced traveling around town in a cable car? San Francisco has the last remaining cable cars, they continue to run to this day

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