Camping | Sweden

Camping in Sweden | The Ultimate Camping Guide

Camping in Sweden | The Ultimate Camping Guide

Ccamping in Sweden

Sweden is one of the best places in the world to go wild camping. Unspoiled areas of forest abound and Allemansrätten (the freedom to roam) is enshrined in Swedish law.


Because of the Gulf Stream, Sweden enjoys a mild climate generally, with summer temperatures of +20C around the country. So, camping in Sweden really isn’t as cold as you might think. The peak season for camping in Sweden in June and July and most of the country enjoys around twenty hours of daylight in the summer months.

Things to Consider Before Camping in Sweden

  • The law says you have a limited right to cross another person’s land or stay on it for a short period of time, even if the owner hasn’t given specific consent. But you cannot pitch up anywhere near their buildings, or otherwise, disturb the owner or their business interests.
  • You must obey any specific bans on camping, campfires, etc. These might apply in areas where rare species are found, or where there’s a big chance of forest fires.
  • There’s no problem with camping for a night or two in forested areas, so long as you are far enough away from any houses. Don’t stay for so long that people think you’re squatting and might never leave.

Tips for Camping in Sweden

Expensive - Good quality camping gear is expensive at the best of times but in Sweden, it’s especially costly; don’t come expecting to find super-cheap down jackets just because it’s cold. The best advice is to buy what you can before you arrive.

Book Campsites - You can check prices for campsites across Sweden on Note: Some campsites will only let you stay if you are a member of Camping Key Europe so be sure to check this in advance.

Blackout Tent - In the far north there are periods when the sun does not set in the summer months so a blackout tent is extremely useful during those bright nights.
Insect Repellent - Bugs and mosquitos can be a problem so take insect repellent.

Warm Clothing - It might be summer but the night temperature can get low so pack some warm clothing for those chilly nights.

Places to Visit in Sweden

Skuleskogen National Park - Skuleskogen is one of 29 national parks in Sweden, situated in the Västernorrland county, on the coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden. This park is home to one of the Swedish coast's few remaining old-growth forests, high mountains, rocky grounds and stunning views of the sea, lakes, and woods.

Upplandsleden - The Upplandsleden is a 400-kilometer trail in the Uppland county. There you'll find fire pits, swimming areas along the inlets of Lake Mälaren in the south, and the Dalälven river archipelago in the north. This is a nice opportunity to explore Uppland and hike easily through forests and lakes.

Fulufjället - The national park of Fulufjället is situated in Dalarna, close to the Norwegian border and about 25km west of Särna. The park is ideal for lovers of alpine experiences, wide open spaces, and canyons.

Gotland - Gotland is Sweden's largest island and lies in the middle of the Baltic Sea on the southeastern coast. It is known among Swedes as the perfect destination during summer, for its abundant flowers and birdlife.

Glaskogen - The nature reserve of Glaskogen is situated in the province of Värmland, between the municipalities of Årjäng and Arvika in southern Sweden. There you can enjoy 28,000 hectares of lakes and forests, along with an abundance of flora and fauna.

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