Camping | Ohio

Camping in Ohio | The Ultimate Camping Guide

Camping in Ohio | The Ultimate Camping Guide

Camping in Ohio

We are kicking off our guide to camping all around the world, a simple 2 minute read to tell you all you need to know. Places we and some of our amazing community members have been to. Have advice on camping in Colorado? Get in touch by leaving us a comment below.


There is no better state to enjoy the camping experience than Ohio! Ohio is filled with natural beauty, popular attractions and plenty of amazing campgrounds to suit your needs. Ohio campground owners offer state-of-the-art campsites, top-notch amenities, and recreational activities for every taste. Camping is a fun and affordable vacation option that can be enjoyed by all!

Things to Consider Before Camping in Ohio

  • Reserve your camping spot ahead of time:
  • Summers have fairly nice temperatures averaging around 80°F from June through August, but the persistent humidity makes conditions rather stuffy, even though evenings on the lake can carry a chill. Pack for a diverse climate.
  • Plan ahead, know where you’re heading. We find we’ve had the most fun traveling to camp when we’ve picked awesome “main event” destinations, like below, and also researched other things to do along the way. We’ve found talking to a local Chamber of Commerce, or Tourism Office, to be most helpful.

Tips for Camping in Ohio

Explore off the beaten path. There are often options for private campgrounds that can help you save a little, and explore more.

Bring your bathing suit! This may seem to be an obvious one, but it’s an important item to bring along when visiting a state with so many beaches (Thanks Lake Erie!)

Watch for snakes. Ohio is home to at least 25 species of snakes. Some are our friends, like the Garter Snake. But three poisonous snakes do make the state their home: the Northern Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, and Eastern Massasauga.

Places to Visit in Ohio

Northeast Ohio - Whether seeking to be near the attractions of Cleveland and Akron or to Ashtabula with its Lake Erie Shoreline and area wineries. The Mohican State Park area is known as Ohio’s camping and canoeing capital. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is another mecca for campers and tourists.

Northwest Ohio - Known for its Lake Erie attractions, from Sandusky to Toledo and beyond. Campgrounds are scattered across the region for its proximity to Lake Erie’s beaches, fishing and boating, the entertainment of Put-in-Bay and the islands, and the world-renowned Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Central Ohio - Campgrounds surround Ohio’s Capital of Columbus, where they can find shopping, sporting events, state fairgrounds, the Columbus Zoo and more. Alum Creek Reservoir attracts campers for its boating and fishing, while other campgrounds are near historical attractions, lakes and recreational trails.

Southwest Ohio - We like its proximity to King’s Island Amusement Park, and other Cincinnati and Dayton area attractions. Other campers enjoy the trails and activities along the scenic Little Miami River.

Southeast Ohio - Campgrounds near the Hocking Hills State Park. This area is one of the state’s most popular camping destinations, known for hiking trails, waterfalls, and natural wonders. Outdoorsmen enjoy the vast Wayne National Forest.

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