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Campers are resourceful folk. An experienced camper carries a certain guile, some might call it street smarts, although 'outdoor smarts' might be more appropriate.

These are people who consciously forgo modern luxuries as they pit their wits against the elements. They are bound to pick up a thing or two along the way.

Ever since we first saw someone tie a glow stick to a tent zipper to help see in the dark, we have been endlessly intrigued and impressed by camping hacks. Camping hacks are life hacks for the wild and they really do help.

When you are in the great outdoors you don't have the common amenities so these little camping tips and tricks help to give you a leg up. 

50 Genius Camping Hacks for Clever Campers

Over the years, we've read, heard, seen and witnessed some moments of sheer genius. The type of camping hack that makes you kick yourself for not figuring them out sooner. Here we have compiled a list of some of our favourites tips and tricks. There are 50 camping hacks in total. Let's get into it. 

Camping Hacks For Around the Campfire

camp fire hacks

1. A Camping Hack to Keep The Bugs Away

Setting up camp but getting eaten alive by bugs? The solution is incredibly simple. Toss a little bit of sage into the campfire.

The campfire itself is a deterrent but adding sage will give your fire an anti-bug superpower. Plus, it makes your campfire smell lovely and fresh. A double camping hack win.

2. Get Your Campfire Started with...Doritos

Continuing on the thread of double-win camping hacks we bring you multi-functioning Doritos. Not only can you enjoy a delicious snack, they also make for very effective kindling. Getting the campfire going can be difficult but this little camping hack goes a long way.

3. No Doritos, No Problem - More Homemade Fire Starters

If, for some crazy reason, you didn't bring Doritos with you on your camping adventure we have found some alternative hacks and tips. Here are a few other ingenious ways to get the fire started.

Create your own fire starter using two pieces of rubbish from home. Clean out the lint trap of your clothes dryer and stuff the lint into an empty toilet roll. Highly resourceful and highly effective.

Everyone hates trick birthday candles. They make you blow your lungs out on top of reminding you of how old you are getting. But they do make great windproof fire starters, so bring a pack. Now mother nature can hate them too!

Like most of us, you have probably gathered a ridiculous amount of hand sanitiser by now. Don’t worry, it won’t go to waste when this dies down. You can use it to start a germ-free fire in a jiffy!

If all else fails, cotton wool covered in Vaseline makes for a great fire starter. Another easy way to make your own fire starters is to dip cotton pads in wax. MacGyver himself would be proud.

But keep in mind that good fire starters are not enough to make a good campfire. 

4. Camping Hack to Keep you Snug At Night 

The day is done, the temperature is dropping, it's time to start planning ahead. First, as you start the campfire and begin to set yourself up for the night ahead, nip back to your tent. Put on your pyjamas underneath your clothes and then carry on as normal.

That extra layer will make you feel instantly warmer. Not only that, after spending hours hanging around the camp with your pyjamas on, when you hit the sleeping bag they will already be toasty. Thank you body heat!

5. Matches that Actually Work

You are all set, you've brought everything you needed, now to just strike that match and start the fire. Shock horror, the tool that was invented back in the Stone Age is a tad unreliable.

Never fear though, we have the perfect camping hack for you. Glue a small square of sandpaper to the back of your matchbox for a long-lasting, trustworthy strike-pad.

Camping Tips and Tricks That are Full-Blown Genius

homemade camping lantern

6. Toilet Roll is a Waste of Space

Okay, let's be clear. We are not telling you to ditch the toilet roll. However, that bulky cardboard centre is taking up more room than it's worth. Unwind the toilet roll, remove the cardboard and fold it up gently. Voila, you have now created room for at least two more toilet rolls. Success!

7. Genius Camping Hack - Homemade Lantern

Not everyone can have one of those fancy spangled lanterns. But you can make one using two homemade items that is just as good. (Image credit)

Grab a plastic gallon jug of water (full). Then wrap a head torch around it with the light pointing inwards. The light will reflect off the water and create a giant lantern. Who needs fancy gadgets when you have camping hacks.

8. Get the Party Started 

Forgot to bring your speakers with you? In dire need to break out the tunes? Well then, science is your friend. If you are playing music off your phone you can make your own miniature amplifier.

Ghetto blast your phone's speakers by cocooning it in a cylindrical tube, such as a Pringle's box. If you don't have Pringles, you can use a party cup or even a pot. This one requires a little trial and error but can be very effective.

9.  Forgot Your Pillow?

Forgot your pillow? We have a quick and easy camping hack that's got you covered. Take your sleeping bag out of its bag. Now you go in the sleeping bag, your clothes go in the supply bag. Hey presto, you have made yourself a pillow.  

10. Keep Your Power Cords Dry

Some say it's cheating to bring anything electric with you out into the wild. However, if you do have power cables lying around, make sure you cover the sockets.

Cut two cable-sized holes in a bucket and feed the cable through. The bucket will save you from electrical hazards. Although, be safe, never trust the combination of rain and power cables!

Camping Hacks and Camping Tips for All Occasions

camping hack hand washing

11. Consult Your Checklist

This one isn't so much a camping hack as it is a reliable habit. Make sure you have all the necessary camping gear and equipment. Consult your own personal checklist before leaving home. 

12. Microfiber For All

Instead of bringing kitchen paper or tea towels, bring something that is practically made for the wild - microfiber. It's super absorbent and lightweight. It dries better than tea towels and won't perish easily like kitchen towels. You're welcome!

13. Your Trusty Nighttime Kit

Never leave yourself short at bedtime. Pack a nighttime zip lock kit that stays in your sleeping bag full time. We're talking hand torch, comfy socks, earplugs and a tiny bit of toilet paper for emergencies. Consider it part of your sleeping bag. 

14. Where Are My Sleeping Socks?

We stumbled upon this craze embarrassingly late in our camping careers. When packing, pack however many socks you will need for the camping trip.

Then, add one extra special pair for nighttime sleeping bag use only. They remain at the bottom of your sleeping bag for the entire trip. Warm, soft and dry, you won't even know yourself at the end of the day.

If you were born with really cold feet, you can go a step further. Before bedtime, heat some water over the campfire (don’t overdo it), and pour it into a plastic bottle. Put it in the bottom of your sleeping bag to get some extra warmth.

15. Beat The Morning Chills 

Okay, we'll admit it, on some frosty mornings we secretly wish it were possible to pack a tumble dryer and give our clothes a warm blast. However, there is a camping hack that is just as good.

Stuff the clothes you want to wear into the bottom of your sleeping bag. Come morning time they've had eight hours of unadulterated heat. You're now ready to win the day!

16. Single Use Soap

Packing soap can be annoying. It's wet, it's sticky and tends to ruin everything. That is why some Einsteins among us came up with single-use-soap. When you're at home, grab a bar of soap and cut it into thin slices using a vegetable peeler. Throw a few dozen mini strips into a zip lock bag and away you go. Use a fresh slice of soap every time. No mess, no fuss. 

17. Multi-Functional Garbage Bags

If you are heading for a hike, make sure that a roll of large bin bags is a mainstay in your hiking bag. Of course, first and foremost you need garbage bags so that you leave no trace.

However, when it starts raining, they come in handy for a totally different reason. Simply punch in some arm holes and a face hole to make a makeshift poncho. Garbage chic is so hot right now!

18. Find Your Way Back Using Acorns

No matter how experienced you are, it’s easy to get lost in the forest. Make a whistle out of an acorn if that happens to you. You should be able to find one just about anywhere in the woods. 

Position the acorn cap so that it faces you, and put it between your index finger and your thumb. Place your thumbs near the top of the acorn.

Leave a small opening at the tops of your thumb-knuckles. Take a deep breath a blow!

Instead of yelling like crazy, you can whistle your way to the campsite. Make sure to show this fun hack to your kids and the rest of the family. 

19. Duct Tape Mod

If you are an experienced camper, you probably knew that at least one of these camping tips and hacks would include duct tape. When you’re in the great outdoors, duct tape is usually the fastest way to repair something.

You can use it to make a soft arm cast and treat blisters as well as patch up holes in your tent. Embrace the wonders of duct tape!

Wrap a bit of duct tape around your water bottle. It will always be within reach, so you won’t have to rummage through your camping tent or your backpack to find it.

20. Packing

No matter how big a backpack you have, chances are you always feel like it’s not big enough for everything you need. Our clothes usually take up a lot of room. To save space, roll your shirts and stuff them inside socks. A simple, yet great camping hack!

21. Use Crumbled Clothes to Dry Your Shoes

There’s nothing more infuriating than getting your shoes completely wet. To dry them out, remove the insoles and stuff them with some newspaper or a dry shirt.

22. Use Bread Tags to Hand Up Your Clothes

You want to lighten your load as much as possible when you are going on a camping trip. Bread tags make better clothespins than actual clothespins as they are lighter and take up less storage space.

23. Hanging Storage

Using a paracord and some carabiners is a great way to keep things organized inside your camping tent. To keep the carabiners from slipping, you can simply tie loops in the cord or tie knots at intervals.

Hang your water bottle, backpack, LED light, and everything else you want to have within reach. You can use the same method to create a bear-proof hang for your camping food, cooking utensils, and garbage. However, it’s always better to use a bear-proof storage container.

A shoe organizer is also perfect for camping. It folds up flat, so you can easily pack it among the rest of your camping gear.

You can also put a belt around a tree, attach some hooks to it, and hang cooking utensils and lighter camping gear.

24. More Camping Hacks to Scare Away Bugs

Aside from lighting a fire and bringing an insect repellent, here are a few more tips to scare off annoying bugs.

To protect yourself from ticks, you can create your own, all-natural tick deterrent. Get a spray bottle and fill it with 2 parts water and 1 part tea tree oil. Spray it onto pant cuffs, socks, and shoes.

It’s perfectly safe for kids as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You could even spritz it on your furry companions.

Grab a box of dryer sheets before you head out to the camp. These are great for repelling pesky gnats and other insects.

Lay one dryer sheet somewhere inside your tent and keep another one in your pocket. Who says your camping clothes and linens can’t smell nice when you’re out in the bush?

Ants can be a real pain in the neck during meals. Even if you’ve set up a proper camping kitchen and dining area, they can quickly crawl up table legs and ruin your picnic.

Luckily, ants aren’t as good at swimming as they are at crawling. So, place a tray of water under each table leg.

There, now you can have a tick-, mosquito-, and ant-free camping trip. You’ll only have wasps to worry about. Kidding!

Wasps don’t have good vision; this makes them easy to fool. Hang a few crumbled paper bags around your campsite. The wasps will think these are real nests, so they’ll fly away to find a territory that isn’t already occupied.

You can also use natural wasp repellants. Put out sliced cucumbers around your campsite and sprinkle lemon juice every now and then. They also hate garlic cloves.

25. Create a Camping Toilet

If there’s one downside to camping in the wilderness, it’s undoubtedly having to go number two in the woods. Luckily, there are a few hacks that can make your next camping experience less uncomfortable.

Creating a portable camping toilet is easier than you’d think. All you need is a pool noodle, a trash can liner, and a 5-gallon bucket. To ensure complete privacy, you can also bring a pop-up changing tent.

26. Take Photos Like a Pro

Don’t need those trekking poles at the moment? You can still put them to good use. Grab a stick and tie it to your trekking poles.

Yes, it looks silly, but you just saved a hundred bucks on a tripod! If you lack fun ideas, you can use your DIY tripod to make an awesome time lapse video of your entire camping experience.

There’s also no need to buy a selfie stick for your GoPro when you have real sticks laying everywhere.

If you are not sold on this, you can just get a real tripod. Then you can tease your buddies about their silly sticks.

27. Put Your Drowned Smartphone in Rice

If your smartphone somehow ended up in the lake, you can still save it. Remove the battery if you can and put everything in that bag of rice your vegan buddy brought. Leave it there a couple of days before you try to turn it back on. Fingers crossed!

28. Hand Washing Station

Don’t throw away that empty laundry detergent dispenser, it will come in handy on your next camping trip. Fill it up, turn it sideways, and you’ll have an awesome DIY hand washing station. You can even strap a paper towel holder to the top.

Get your kids to help you set it up. When you’re done, your kids will actually be excited to wash their hands. (Image credit)

29. Put Together a Customized First Aid Kit

You don’t need to buy a brand new first-aid kit for camping. Besides, it probably won’t have everything you need, and there may not be enough room for other stuff.

It may be better and cheaper to create a camping first aid kit from scratch. From hand sanitisers to band-aids, you’ll find many camping first-aid essentials at the Dollar Store.

You can use an Altoids tin or an old prescription bottle for your medicine. Instead of packing individual size packs of Neo-To-Go, you can save money and space by creating your own ointment packs.

You need a pair of needle-nose pliers, a bit lighter, a plastic drinking straw, and a tube of generic antibiotic ointment. You probably already have an open tube in your mirror cabinet if you have kids or a big family.

Squeeze a small amount of the ointment into the plastic straw. To push the ointment further down the straw, squeeze the end of the straw with your fingers. This will create a clean area for sealing.

Hold the end of the straw with the pliers. To form a seal, carefully melt the end of the plastic straw with your lighter. Now you don’t have to carry an entire tube of ointment. By the way, sealed plastic straws also make great spice holders.

To see what else you may need in case of an emergency, check out these recommendations by the American Red Cross. Once you have everything you need, put it in a plastic tool box. It shouldn’t cost more than a dollar or two.

30. Lubricate Zippers With Candle Wax

Remember those candles you’ve brought to use as fire starters? Apply a bit of candle wax to your tent zippers. Rest assured they will glide smoothly.

31. DIY Water Purifier

If you have forgotten your water filter at home or lost it, don’t panic. Grab a clean handkerchief and place it over a bottle or a container before you fill it with water. The cloth will filter out the big stuff like sticks, silt, or stand.

Then, you boil the water. Let it boil for longer at high elevations. This process will kill most bacteria, so the water will be safe to drink once it cools.

If you are not able to boil the water, grab a water bottle and the charcoal you brought for cooking. Cut out the bottom of the bottle and poke a hole in the cap to create a funnel. If you don’t have a bottle, you can craft a funnel using a strip of tree bark or a large leaf.

Crush your charcoal using a stone before placing it into the funnel. For even better results, pack grass or sand on top of the charcoal. Hold your DIY filter over a bucket and pour lake or ground water into the funnel.

Repeat this until the water becomes clear enough. It’s a slow process, but it can save your life. For the best results, you should combine the two methods.

32. Sharpener for Fishing Gear

You have a fishing tackle box full of pocketknives and hooks, but you forgot to bring the sharpening stone again. This is one of the very few times you’ll be glad that not everyone sticks to the “leave no trace” principle.

The world is filled with trash, including the woods, so you won’t have a hard time finding broken glass near your camp. Find a piece that has a flat edge to avoid getting cut. To sharpen your knife, rub the sharp side of the glass over the blade. Now you can relax outside your tent. 

If you have more time on your hands, there’s another great way you can sharpen your knives. Grab a handful of sand. If you can’t find any, you can make some. Crush small stones into a pulp with a bigger one.

Then, snap a branch off a tree. It should be at least 3 inches in diameter. The moisture within the branch acts as a lubricant, so it’s important for the branch to be alive. If you’re feeling guilty, make it up to the tree by donating some money to a forest conservation organization.

Now, use your dull knife to angrily shave the bark off the branch. If you want to torment yourself even more, carve down the branch so that it’s flat. This will make everything much easier later on.

Rub the sand into the branch, but try not to overdo it. Just as you would with a whetstone, rub your knife over the branch.

Don’t let the branch go to waste when you’re done. What? It’s still a hard no on the awesome DIY tripod? Never mind.

33. Summer Sledging

Packing and unpacking at the campsite can be fun, but it’s always exhausting. Still, don’t let this stop you from bringing an extra-large cool box and a huge tent.

A plastic snow sledge can be of great use in the summer as well. You can use it to haul plants, bags, and debris around your garden. But, most importantly, you can use it to transport that big cooler of yours around the campsite.

It will slide over gravel, sand, and grass with ease. You may even use it to haul your camping gear from your car to the camp.

34. Create a Camping Boredom Box for the Kids

To make your camping trips enjoyable for the whole family, you need to carefully plan how you will entertain the little ones. If your kids run out of fun ideas of their own and your cries of “just go and play!” stop working, you’ll have a mutiny on your hands.

Make your next camping trip a guaranteed fun experience by putting together a bad weather/boredom buster box beforehand. Pack it full of craft items, board games, and books you know your kids will enjoy.

You can also pack the items and tools you need to create the aforementioned DIY camping gadgets. This will undoubtedly stop the kids from moping around inside the tent if the weather turns bad.

If the weather is boring you to death as well, you can pretend like you came up with these camping hacks and ideas right there on the spot. The younger, more gullible members of the family will be beyond impressed and you’ll get a good kick out of it.

35. Place Solar Stake Lights Around the Tent

Solar stake lights cost just one dollar a piece and they will help you find your way around the camp. You can place a bunch of them close to the bathroom, near tent entry, by the tent pole… wherever you’d like more light. Depending on the time of the year, you may be able to find holiday-themed or patriotic solar stake lights.

If you think these lights won’t be of any use on a camping trip outside the summer season, pack a bunch of brightly colored foam noodles. Cut a slit down each one, and wrap them around tent poles and lines. The pool noodles will keep the clumsier family members aware of them, so they’ll watch their step.

36. Fluff Up Your Sleeping Bag With Tennis Balls

To make those cozy nights in the woods even cozier, throw-in a few tennis balls as well every time you put your down-filled sleeping bag into the drier. This is one of the easiest hacks for preserving the loft of your down sleeping bag.

37. Make Grommets Out of Rocks

If you lose a grommet you can easily replace it with a rock. To make a new anchor point, twist the rock in the same corner where the runaway grommet used to be.

Doesn’t sound as fun as the other camping tips and tricks on the list? Give the rock a respectable name like Horace or Gustav.

38. Waterproof Your Shoes With Beeswax

Every experienced camper knows that waterproof shoes, jackets, and packs are essential camping gear. However, there’s always that one buddy that has overly romanticized ideas of what camping looks like.

Of course, they are completely unprepared for life at the camp, so they forgot to bring some camping essentials. You like being a good camping pal, and you want to ensure everyone has a great camping experience, so you always bring extras. But packing an extra pair of waterproof shoes is a bit too much.

Instead, just keep a bit of beeswax in your car at all times or store it among the rest of your camping gear. If the weather is about to turn bad, and your friend is wearing a pair of Toms, scold them a bit, take their shoes, and rub beeswax all over them.

Wait for the beeswax to dry. The campfire can help you out with this. Then, splash a bit of water on the shoes to test them out and prove to your friend that you’re not completely crazy. They will be grateful to you for life for keeping their toesies warm.

39. Think Everything Through When Packing Your Car

Some things may come naturally or seem completely obvious to experienced campers, but this is one of those tips and tricks I wish I had known before my first summer camping adventure.

Think about the essential stuff you’ll need as soon as you arrive at the camp.

The things you’ll need first should be easily accessible. Some of us learned the hard way that you shouldn’t put your LED light at the bottom of the car trunk if there’s a chance you’ll have to set up camp at night.

Pack your tent and other essential camping gear last so that you can easily get to it. Alternatively, store your camping tent in a way that doesn’t require you to unpack everything to get to it.

If there’s a chance you’ll have to set up camp in the rain, store a large sheet of tarp somewhere within reach. It will keep you dry while you’re pitching your camping tent.

40. Make a DIY Air Conditioner

There are no quick and easy camping hacks and tricks to cool yourself when you’re hanging around in a tent on a hot summer’s night. The best ways to protect yourself from the heat is to get a well-insulated camping tent such as the CRUA Culla Maxx.

But if the heat starts driving you really crazy, perhaps there’s one other thing you could try. Of all the camping hacks and tricks you’ll find, none of them is as cool as this one (pun intended).

Grab some ice, a battery-powered fan, and the largest styrofoam cooler you can find. Cut a hole near the handle of the cooler, on a short side of the lid. It should be an inch smaller than the fan.

Make vent holes on the opposite side of the cooler. They should be three inches from the bottom. The combined size of the vent holes shouldn’t be bigger than the fan hole.

Fill the cooler with ice blocks. The larger the blocks, the longer they will hold. Set the fan so that it blows air into the hole. Secure it with some duct tape. When you turn it on, chilled air will run out of the vent holes.

That’s it, you have free air conditioning at the camp! It may not seem like much, but it’s a life-saver in unbearable temperatures.

Camping Hacks and Tips for Food and Cooking

camping food hacks

41. Bring Reusable Stasher Bags and Gelato Containers

Here’s a good excuse to eat a good amount of gelato before your next camping trip. Gelato containers have leakproof lids and they are very durable.

You won’t have to worry whether your box of pancake mix will open up in the car and you will save space in your camping food bin.

Stasher bags are great for storing leftover meals in the cooler. They are BPA-free and plastic-free as they are made from pure platinum silicone.

You can safely use them in the microwave and the freezer. You can even use them with boiling water or put them in the oven. On top of that, stasher bags are endlessly reusable.

Aside from storing food in the cooler, you can use stasher bags for phone charging cords, extra batteries, and camping toiletries.

42. Make Your Own Charcoal Grill

Leave the heavy grill at home. All you need is a cooling rack, a foil pan, and charcoal. If you need a place to set up all of this, use an empty tin can.

Cut two-inch strips down the upper part of the can and spread them out. Place a tin foil inside to hold the charcoal and put the foil pan over the can.

This is the perfect way to cook hot dogs or burgers in a pinch. At the end of your camping trip, simply clean everything up and toss it in the trash.

43. Keep Insects Off Food With Shower Caps

Just in case the other insect-repelling hacks fail, cover your bowls and plates with plain old shower caps. Many shower caps come in a pack of six, so you should have more than enough.

You can also use them for your dirty shoes at the end of your camping trip. This way, you’ll keep any dirt or mud out of your car.

44. Use Ice Blocks Instead of Ice Cubes

Bags of ice are an unnecessary expense, and you always have to drain your cooler after they melt. Fill a few large bottles with water and place them in your freezer. You can pack them in the cooler the next time you go camping.

The ice will hold much longer this way. When it melts, you will have a few more bottles of drinkable water. From now on, you’ll have free ice on all of your summer camping trips. If you want your cooler to hold ice for even longer, put the cooler in the freezer as well before your next camping trip.

45. Pre-Wash and Dry Vegetables Before Your Next Camping Trip

This is one of the simplest, but most useful camping hacks and tips. Clean water is a limited resource in the great outdoors. You can save water by washing and drying fruits and vegetables before you go camping.

You’ll be able to start cooking at the camp as soon as you get there. To save another step at the camp, cut the veggies at home as well. You can easily store pre-cut vegetables in the cooler if you use stasher bags.

46. Keep Food Fresher

There’s no such thing as too many useful camping hacks and tips, at least when it comes to food, cooking, and storage. Consider vacuum sealing your camping food when packing it. You’ll create more room in the cool box because vacuum sealing pulls out air.

It also helps to ensure bugs stay out of your stash, on top of keeping the food fresh for longer. You can freeze your camping food along with the ice blocks and the cooler. This way, your cool box will stay ice cold for even longer.

Planning your meals in advance is something you should always do before you go camping, and these few extra camping tips go hand in hand with that philosophy. Cooking at the campsite is much easier when you have everything ready.

47. PVC Knife Holders

Whether you’re like cooking in the great outdoors or not, knives are essential camping gear. But finding a safe way to store them in the car can be challenging.

You can make your own DIY knife holders out of PVC pipes. Cut a few PVC pipes to size. Get a cap for each side of each pipe. Glue a cap to one opening and tape it to the other. This is one of the easiest and best camping storage ideas ever.

48. Beer Can Chicken Accessories

A hack commonly known as “beer-butt” may not sound like one of the better ideas on the list, but please bear with us. You can further improve your DIY grill by putting an open can of soda or beer right in the middle of it.

Then, stick a chicken over the can. You’ve guessed it, the egg-laying part should be down. Make sure to balance it well so that it doesn’t roll over.

The liquid from the can will keep the chicken nice and juicy. Some beer-can chicken chefs claim it will impart a flavour to the meat as well, but don’t count on it to improve your recipe.

49. Stop Your Meat From Burning by Wrapping It in Cabbage

Stop giggling! Not only does this really work—it is actually one of the best camping hacks and tips. Before you start cooking meat, wrap it in cabbage. The moisture in the cabbage will create the perfect barrier, making sure your food will come out just right. Genius!

50. Use Mesh Laundry Bags to Dry Dishes

You’ve washed your dishes after eating some delicious camping food. The moment you put them down they’re covered in dirt and sand. We’ve all been through this mildly infuriating ordeal.

When you’re preparing to go camping, bring a couple of mesh laundry bags—one for your dirty clothes and one for your dishes. After you wash your dishes, put them in a mesh laundry bag and hang them up on a tree. Your dishes will be dry in no time, and no camping meals will be delayed.

So that's it, 50 hacks that are perfect for camping. It's always great to hear more. Comment below with your favourite camping hacks. Let's try to make it to 100!

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