The Crua Storm Stakes

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High quality aluminum alloy tent stakes (5 pcs)
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Product Features
  • Super Strong Construction, Made of Aluminum Alloy.
  • Good accessory for outdoor activities, especially for snow or loose sand.
  • Provide extra holding power when pitching your tent in the snow or sand.
  • A packet contains 5 heavy duty tent stakes.
Okay, this may not be our most glamorous product, but when you’re hunting, fishing or camping in the wilderness and need to anchor your tent in the most adverse conditions that nature can throw at you, the Storm Stake may just save your day. Crua tents can keep you safe and comfortable in extreme weather conditions where others would let you down, but any tent is only as good as its connection to terra firma. Stay close to the ground with the Storm Stake, a hefty 31 cm long, heavy duty tent peg made of super strong aluminum alloy. It’s specifically designed to provide that extra security you need in high winds or when pitching your tent in snow or loose sand.
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