The Crua Hybrid

The Crua Hybrid

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One-person tent / hammock
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Product Features
  • Self-inflating mattress
  • Customized sleeping bag
  • Zips together with other Hybrids
  • Mesh screen opening
  • 7.2 lbs/3.3 Kgs (Hybrid alone, net weight)
  • Customized Sleeping bag (1Kg/2.2Lbs) and Insulated mattress (.5Kg/1.1Lbs) included
  • Built-in ground sheet
  • Mesh layer for ventilation
  • Two-year warranty

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Because we love designing and innovating, the Crua Hybrid was born. This 1-man tent is possibly our cleverest yet. Jam-packed with features, we’ve re-imagined the lightweight tent for climbers, mountaineers, hikers and minimalist campers, and engineered it to be three tents in one. It’s a single-person bivouac tent that can be used as a ground tent. It’s a suspended hammock tent when pitching is not an option. And it becomes an awesome two-person tent when you join two Crua Hybrids together. Weighing in at just 7.2 pounds (3.3 kg), this backpacking ninja packs an integrated groundsheet, built-in self-inflating air mattress, and sleeping bag. And like all Crua products, it’s built from the toughest, highest quality materials, with patented insulation technology. It’s your go-to, 1-man adventure kit.
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