I don't always go camping, but when I do...

... I go glamping (glamorous camping) or also known as luxurious camping. We set out to create a camping experience like no other. Experience the raw beauty of nature, but with the security of a more permanent structure. Customized to your needs and tastes, you will never think of camping the same way again.

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Over-engineered and designed in the Emerald Isle.
Hurricane tested and approved in Greenland.

When the Petersen family were looking for a living space to keep their family warm, safe and comfortable during the harsh Greenland winter weather and hurricane storms, the choice was obvious. Only the over-engineered Crua Loj was up to the task.

But don't take our word for it. Check out their home-made video below.

What adventures will you choose to experience in your Crua Loj?


Freakishly tough.
Wondrously versatile.
Sensationally comfortable.

Crua Great Loj

A more permanent structure for Glamping.
Glamping (glamorous camping) or also known as luxurious camping has taken off in Europe in a big way and is now becoming a demand area for a style of holiday in the United States. People want to be outdoors and enjoy our beautiful environment but don’t necessarily want to be crammed into a small tent or cabin. This is an area that campgrounds are getting excited about as it enables them to draw in more and more customers who are looking for this style of adventure. Our safari cabins are custom made so they can be manufactured to the customers’ preference. With the ability to fully customise the dimensions of the product every family size or group can be catered for. The combination of a sturdy wooden frame and an insulated soft panel tent the Crua Great Loj is the essence of what glamping should be.

Prices range from $8K to $29K depending on size/specifications etc.

Starting at:


Building memories that last a lifetime.

The numbers that count.

Go big or go home!

The Great Loj can be customized to your individual needs and wants.  Below are the numbers for the basic set up and a few ideas for how you can arrange your Great Loj..












2 Bedrooms that sleeps up to 6 comfortably

TTInsulate™ Design

Dura-Breathe™ Fabric 

Large living area

Wooden Frame Structure

Covered porch/veranda option available

Hard floor

PVC external roof

Kitchen (optional)

Bathroom (optional)

Bug screens throughout

Additional Specs

Porch width: 8.2ft / 250cm

Porch length: 19.5ft / 600cm 

Fully customizable to your needs

Doors and windows can be added

150” Wide front door

93" Standing height

What is the Crua Comfort Rating?

Crua means tough. But if you're going to call yourself tough, you better be prepared to prove it. And that's just what we did. We pitched ourselves (pun intended) against our competitors and came up with the Crua Comfort Rating. The CCR is an easy to follow, subjective ranking guide on how we compare against leading market alternatives. We took the features you care about the most, and ranked all our tents and comparables. This is how the Crua Loj scored.

Blackout Levels




Climate Control




Blackout Levels


Still not convinced?

We're sure that by now you are convinced by the many benefits and features of the Crua Great Loj. But just in case you are still not 100% convinced, how does a Money Back guarantee, Professional Installation and Easy Payment options * sound ?

Money Back Guarantee

Professional Install

Easy Klarna Payments

Upgrade your experience.

Experience the CRUA LOJ - 6 PERSON RUGGED ALL PURPOSE TENT in full 3D*. Zoom in to view the exceptional Crua Outdoors build quality. Rotate it to view all angles - even underneath it! Get instant measurements and even crawl inside it. Just like the real deal.


I love my crua koala hammock! I was a backer on Kickstarter and have been eagerly waiting its arrival. It finally came and I love it!


I have Crua Duo tent, and love it. Wanted this combo for winter trips. Really interested in the insulation of the insert. This will be a game changer.


You want to stay comfortable in the outdoors? Get a crua you won’t be sorry! They hold up to the worst weather and make your stay great!