C Class Refurbished Crua Cocoon - Insulated Tent

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Insulated, lightweight 2-person tent. Our legendary Crua Cocoon is fitted with the best insulation technology on the market, to ensure protection and comfort. The insulation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. The Cocoon was made to fit inside our lightweight 2 person hiking tent, the Crua Duo, but also be used independently inside most 2 person or larger tents.

C Class: These are tents that have been returned due to a minor defect or wear and tear issue. All of these tents are thoroughly inspected to determine the severity of the issue. We determine the level of refurbishment needed to bring the product back to the highest level of performance. Parts that need to be replaced are done so with brand new parts. Parts that need to be patched or fixed are done do by our expert seamstress/seamster. Tents that are deemed unacceptable and un-repairable are not re-sold and are immediately destroyed. It is important to note that these tents are not new and have varying degrees of wear and cleanliness.

Shipping: Refurbished tents in the US can only be shipped to the US.  Refurbished tents in the EU can only be shipped to the EU.  

NOTE: The Crua Cocoon DOES NOT include a pump. The pump can be ordered separate from our SHOP.

Features, Details & Specifications
Features and Specs



Made from breathable polyester with 450g/m2 insulation (not waterproof)
Airframe structure
Jumbo zips
B3 bug mesh
Fire retardant


Sleeps 2 persons
Trail weight: 6.8 kg/15 lbs


Trail weight refers to the weight of the tent body, rain fly, and poles ONLY. This is also sometimes referred to as minimum weight. Packed weight is NOT the same as trail weight.

Footprint: 6.8ft long x 4.4ft wide x 4ft tall
Total floor space: 29.9 sq. ft
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