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Crua Comfort Rating: 8/10

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Struggling to decide what you need more from a hiking tent: insulation or portability? Then you’re going to love the Crua Duo. Rugged, waterproof, and lightweight, the Duo is designed to handle just about any wilderness destination you can imagine. No wonder it’s been dubbed the “choose your own adventure” camping tent. And, if you crave more comfort, all you need do is pair it with our Crua Cocoon for a guaranteed fabulous night’s sleep.

The Crua Duo falls under our modular tent series. Deploy as is or combine with the Crua Cocoon 2-Person Insulated Tent to create the Crua Combo.

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Features, Details & Specifications


Sleeps 2 persons
Made from breathable polyester material with a water-resistant outer layer HH5000mm
8.5mm Aluminum frame structure
Jumbo zips
B3 bug mesh
Fire retardant



WIDTH: 4.9ft / 145cm
LENGTH: 9.8ft / 295cm
HEIGHT: 4.1ft / 124cm
FLOOR SPACE: 48 sq. ft 4.5 sq. m
TRAIL WEIGHT: 5 lbs / 2.2 kg


Trail weight refers to the weight of the tent body, rain fly, and poles ONLY. This is also sometimes referred to as minimum weight. Packed weight is NOT the same as trail weight.

3D Experience

Experience the Add On Crua Duo (#1) in full 3D. Zoom in to view the exceptional Crua Outdoors build quality. Rotate it to view all angles - even underneath it! Get instant measurements and even crawl inside it. Just like the real deal.

Left mouse button rotates the 3D model
Right mouse button moves the 3D model
Scroll wheel zooms in/out of the 3D model

Use normal pinch/zoom features and click/drag gestures to zoom, move and rotate the 3D model

Why not view this model in AR (Augmented Reality). Simply click on the AR logo in the main image gallery above to launch the AR Experience. View the full sized model in detail from the comfort of your home, garden or wherever!
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Crua Comfort Rating

Crua’s primary motivation is living up to our promise of providing the ultimate in comfortable camping experiences. It’s the reason we’re in business after all. From the get-go, our focus has been on solving the issues commonly faced by campers worldwide.

We see these as: One, being able to enjoy a great night’s sleep and a lazy lie in because your tent is built to block out excess light, Two, being warm or cool enough because your tent is well-insulated and offers a decent level of internal temperature control, Three, having the option to go it alone or accommodate a family or friends get together with a modular tent system that can be scaled up or down accordingly, Four, being able to appreciate the tranquillity of your natural surroundings because your tent can filter out the annoying racket from your noisy campsite neighbours, Five, being confident of keeping warm and dry because your tent is, as advertised, genuinely waterproof.

Sure, our many positive reviews demonstrate our commitment to premium quality craftsmanship and ongoing product development. But we felt discerning Crua customers deserved a no-holds-barred guide exposing how our tents compare with leading market alternatives.

In the interests of full disclosure, we developed the CRUA COMFORT RATING – aka the CCR – an easy-to-interpret ranking system to help you make the best purchasing decision for you.

Blackout Levels Climate Control Modularity Waterproofing Sound Dampening

7 / 10
7 / 10
10 / 10
10 / 10
6 / 10
Crua Outdoors Community

A sense of excitement and wonder drives us to explore our globe. A sense of shared values brings us together. The Crua Community is where fans of the great outdoors can connect to exchange images and insights from their epic wilderness escapades. Whether you’re into fly fishing, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, or backpacking across our blue planet, we welcome brand ambassadors who embody Crua’s spirit of discovery. Got a photo contribution or campfire tale to tell? Join the #CruaCommunity today.


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