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Originally from South Africa, Kaveman is a 56-year-old friend living in New-Zealand. Outdoor lover, for 2 years now, he’s been living in a tent. Until last year he was sleeping in a yurt, then he bought the Crua Loj. He got in touch with us to share his thoughts and he gave us the opportunity to keep you in the loop! For privacy reasons we won’t give his real name and location although we dug a bit deeper into his life…



Who’s Kaveman?

Kaveman hails from South Africa, where he got his first outdoor experience. He retired three years ago to go back to basics. Well, not too much because he said himself he is not our “typical outdoor adventurer”. He loves his creature comforts even if now he just can’t stay away from nature.


“I understand the benefits of modern insulated housing have a disconcerting effect on me…”


He has always been and outdoor enthusiast. Hiking, biking, being near the sea or in the forest, here are what he has always loved.

What about his life?

Kaveman owns a property on two acres of land and a house near the city. Instead of living in the house, he prefers hosting people while he enjoys living “au-naturel”. Since he’s a teenager, he has always felt better outside than inside.

As a true outdoor enthusiast, living in a tent has always been “a significant vision and goal”. He tasted living in a tent for a few months in the high veldt. Then, he travelled for a year with his tent through Europe and the Middle East and started to think more seriously about living in it on a permanent basis. Later, for 4 years he planned his new life and gave it a shot 2 years ago. After retiring, he lived in a Bell Yurt before buying his Crua Loj last year.

You must be wondering why he decided to abandon his modern life… Kaveman wanted to go back to his first camping experiences. He does not want to live like he used to for years. As he said he needs “to live close to nature where he can smell the trees, hear the birds and feel the weather without too much disconnecting walls”.  He met people who had inspiring stories, who preferred sleeping anywhere than in a big house and he finally chose to shake everything up…




House, Yurt and Loj… how is it to live closer to Mother Nature?

Living in a tent does not mean that you are out of the system. The yurt being not warm enough, Kaveman made some research on the internet to get another one and found Crua. The Loj was larger, had an insulated cocoon and looked warmer than the previous gear. Determined to keep living in a tent, he bought it. We have heard from him a few times ever since. Indeed, he told us about incidents that happened because of the weather. 3 cyclones damaged houses and wildlife but the Crua Loj has stood very strong, especially when the last one came and destroyed parts of houses.


“The last cyclone caused extreme damage to some houses, although my Crua handled it like a breeze. It was partly shielded by the trees, but I was very impressed.”


Here is why he emailed us. Incredible, isn’t it?

He installed it on a wooden rectangular platform to tightly anchor it in the middle of the forest. To reach his “room” he walks down 180 steps. He uses the services of the house and runs power cable for lights and heater (camping in New Zealand in winter is not that easy).

Mother Nature can be tough sometimes but the Loj seems to do the job quite well!

Kaveman and the Loj

We had to ask him what he thought about the Loj! As a real outdoor lover but also a man who needs comfort if found his happiness with Crua:


“The Loj has ample space for me to live comfortably. I use the entrance awning for shoes and gear, the main area as a lounge & music room and the insulated section as a sleeping cocoon. A perfect setup even for an ‘old’ and ‘grumpy’ 56-year-old”


Happy that we convinced an “old and grumpy retired man” who has decided to rough it. Life seems to give him what he needed the most today with peace, calm and nature.


What about you? Would you give it a shot?