September 4-6 2020

Remote event


September 4-6, 2020

Remote event

about werifesteria

Crua Outdoors is committed to celebrating the outdoors responsibly as the world adjusts due to COVID-19. Originally planned as a weekend-long in-person gathering of the Crua Community at Paul Smith’s College in New York’s Adirondacks, we’ve shifted Werifesteria 2020 into a virtual camping experience that you can do from anywhere September 4-6.

how to participate

  • Sign Up
  • Go camping responsibly and creatively on September 4-6 near your home, in your backyard or, your favourite local spot
  • Take photos and videos of your experience and share them on the Werifesteria Event Page throughout the weekend.
  • The most creative stories shared will be entered into a contest to win one of the following prizes


  • A VIP experience for up to four people to attend Werifesteria 2021. Prize includes:
    - Camping in a Crua Lodge
    - Meals and Drink Tickets
    - Daily Adventures
    - Crua Gift Package
  • A Crua Duo Max Tent
  • A Crua Koala Hammock

Registration perks

Event registration will be mailed to all participants and includes:

All event proceeds will support the Paul Smith's College Climate Fellowship Program, which provides funds to students who design personal expeditions and collect climate stories from across the world.

LIVE werifesteria

To give you a taste of what Werifesteria 2021 will be like, our team will be camping at Paul Smith’s College during the weekend and bringing you live content from their experience while hiking, paddling and cycling around the 14,000-acre campus in the heart of the northern Adirondacks.


Let's face it, we all miss comfort when we camp. We are providing the worlds best insulated and most comfortable tents - Crua tents. We have dorms available too but for those really seeking luxury outdoors, we recommend our Crua tents. Home from home. Guaranteeing all the family a little something to look forward to.

adventure activities

No campout weekend works without some form of family or friend fun. Not like the olden days where you needed a drop of crazy and no safety gear to do just about anything. We have a huge range of activities suited to all type of outdoor lover, from lounging to mountain biking. We aim to leave to adirondacks unexplored for the weekend. All you gotta do is plan your adventure or get your Mom or Dad to pay.


BBQ - we had you at BBQ. Not happy with this, we are bringing some amazing musicians, locals craft foods and beers to your doorstep - your camping doorstep, your tentstep? We know, we had you at BBQ.


We are all thirsty for knowledge and info today, we thought we would save you the Google and bring some of the coolest, most interesting folk we know, along, to share the story with you. To inspire, intrigue and challenge us all on how we think about life today. This will be epic.

What is werifesteria?

Werifesteria [wurife'sti(ə)rēa] - feels like it should be a state of mind. In today's world we tend to be living in the future. Werifesteria, is a state of being present in the wild surrounded by family and friends. Being able to do the simple things, the great things. Being able to take the time to enjoy life, the way we used to, the way we forgot. Join us and celebrate the best of the outdoors. Werifesteria is a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle.

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