We have entered a new and exciting phase in our development by rebranding as ‘Crua Outdoors’, retaining ‘Thermo Tent’ as our insulated tent range.

Working with the (fantastic) team at Adworkshop in Lake Placid NY, it was decided that we needed to broaden the spectrum of the company brand while still staying true to our core products and our birthplace. Thus, Crua Outdoors was born. Stemming from the Gaelic word for ‘tough’ or ‘hard’, Crua embodies Thermo Tent perfectly. We design and develop products for the outdoors which surpass customer expectations. And these products are built to last.

We have also introduced the word Loj into some of our product names. Loj is a word deeply associated with the Adirondack region of upstate New York, where our North American headquarters have now been established. Melvil Dewey, the father of Dewey Decimal library classification system, moved to the region in 1900. He was a huge fan of phonetic spelling and hence renamed the famous Adirondack ‘Lodge’ with ‘Loj’, a name that remains today. Again, we wanted to stay true to our beginnings and the marrying of Crua and Loj seems just right…

And so a new brand is born on both sides of the Atlantic. Crua Outdoors will grow and move forward, but our core values will remain as Thermo Tent started. Exceptional and unique outdoor experiences are what we will continue to offer our customers.

Please have a browse around our new website.