Crua Community 

Crua Community

As a company, we are rooted in the outdoors. CRUA is responsible for giving back to the community that has helped us so much.We want to inspire, support and encourage the next generations to love spending time outdoors, and learn in an environment that offers so much.
If we lead by example we hope others will follow.

Organizations We Support

Big City Mountaineers

Big City Mountaineers is an organization that aims to give young adults that would not usually have access to the outdoors, the opportunity to experience nature through excursions while teaching them important life skills.

Big City Mountaineers

Tír na nÓg

Tír na nÓg is an organization that looks to support and provide a home to underprivileged children in Tanzania. Tír na nÓg gives these children a loving home and the opportunity for a proper education.

Tír na nÓg

British Exploring Society

British Exploring Society is an organization that aims to grow and celebrate a diverse, inclusive community of young people with the skills, resilience, and determination to make lasting positive decisions in their own lives, and to deliver community benefit and positive environmental change.

British Exploring Society

Going Green

Sustainable Packaging

We try not to use a lot of plastic, we have kept our boxes low on print, and colorless, and we try to ship our product as efficiently as possible from our locations. Ensuring we can keep our Carbon Footprint as low as possible.

Refurbished Tents 

At CRUA,  we believe in making the highest quality, most comfortable, and most innovative tents in the world. From time to time, there are people who received their CRUA product(s) and for a variety of reasons, unfortunately need to return it to us. Since CRUA was founded in the outdoors, we believe very strongly that we need to do everything we can to reduce waste, so tents that pass our rigorous inspections are refurbished and re-sold.

Refurbished tents

Lending a Helping Hand 

GovX 10% Discount

GovX is dedicated to serving those who serve, through the development of exclusive eCommerce channels and the support of nonprofits that provide valuable assistance to this community.


Accessibility in the Outdoors

CRUA's goal is to be as inclusive as possible! The CRUA Tri and Loj both allow wheelchair access and necessary space, so everyone can enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy a waking up refreshed.

Heritage Series

New Wave Adventure Therapy

New Wave Adventure Therapy is an organization that utilizes the power of the outdoors to provide therapy sessions. The sessions are conducted in outdoor spaces selected to suit the client's needs.

new wave adventure therapy

Empowering Our Team

Employee Health & Wellness Program

An Employee Wellness program is implemented to keep everyone healthy and active in and out of the workplace, while providing a range of physical and mental health benefits and supports.

Student Internship Program

CRUA works along side colleges and universities, such as Muntser Technological University, to provide students valuable experiences in a range of functions.

Being Your Own Customer

We believe in offering our customers products we use ourselves. We encourage our team to use CRUA Products and explore the great outdoors and experience the best night's sleep in the wild!

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