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A new generation of North Country families are now able to enjoy a taste of Frontier Town thanks to Muhammad “Mo” Ahmad, a local businessman intent on renewing this incredible asset and drawing adventurers to the shimmering lakes and wooded trails in the North Hudson area. The Frontier Town Gateway also provides a placefor the local community to gather together over the warmth of a hot drink or delicious meal.

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The head office and showroom for Crua, located in the southwest of Kerry.  Crua was founded in 2014 with the sole purpose of making camping a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.  Crua achieved this goal by creating the world's first correctly insulated camping tent and we haven't stopped.  Drop by our showroom to see the best of what Crua has to offer.  

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As VW specialists, whether you are looking for a LWB, a SWB, a DSG, a 4Motion, or a 150ps vehicle, CamperKing is able to source the exact van that you require. Each VW Transporter campervan that they build can be tailor-made for you. With five different configuration models available, each of these can have all kinds of options chosen for them. Choose everything including the base vehicle colour, the wheels your campervan sits upon, and your interior upholstery.