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We have brainstormed on a few new product ideas but now we want your input on what you like the best and what features you would like to see. Watch the video and see the details below for a brief description of what we see as each product so far.

AND as a thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, you can enter your e-mail and we will be pick one winner to get our newest and extremely popular Crua Koala!!

The feedback/competition is now closed. Thanks to all who took time to give us feedback and to enter the draw. We will be announcing the winner soon.

Crua Mattress Deluxe

• Our concept here is to have an integrated mattress and sleeping bag all in one. Typically, when you use a sleeping bag, the part of the bag that is compressed between you and the ground is not doing anything to keep you warm – it’s the air in the insulation that helps keep you warm. This idea would be a high quality mattress on the bottom and a removeable sleeping bag that zips on top – cutting the weight you have to carry on the sleeping bag by half!
• While we were at it, we thought why not add a simple, removeable air frame with bug mesh to keep out the creepy crawlies.
• Of course, since you have the airframe, you need to add a rain-fly – so put all that together and now we have an extremely lightweight all in one (but still customizable) 1 person bivvy.
• AND since skies the limit right now, how cool would it be if your rain-fly doubled as a simple hammock? Chill out during the day and sleep comfortable and protected at night – perfection!

Crua Pet Cocoon (Tent)

• We have our own comfy Cocoon to sleep in, but we didn’t want to leave out our furry friends. This pet Cocoon would be made of a cut/slash proof material so their nails won’t slice through the fabric.
• It would be insulated against temperature, light and noise as our current Cocoon is now.
• It will also have the appropriate vents and windows for any puppers or kitties that might be skittish in the dark.
• We think this could be useful in a load of different scenarios: inside a larger tent when camping, inside of an existing crate or kennel/dog house, protection on the back of a pick-up or SUV, and more.

Crua Camp Slipper/Shoe

• One thing that’s annoying when you camp, is having to take your shoes or heavy boots on and off each time you go in or out of the tent. We wanted something that would be warm and comfortable in the tent, but give you the ability to jump outside real quick and then back into the tent without hassle. So we thought, what about a nice comfy slipper sock that has a removeable sole? These would not be for hikes or stomping in the mud, but would be perfect for walking across camp to grab a beer and then head back to warmth of the tent.

Crua Utility Vest

• We are always looking for ways to minimise what we need to carry and to make what we carry easy to get to all the time. We looked at the market and the only vests out there are strictly for fishermen or airsoft enthusiasts. But really nothing for hikers/campers.
• We thought, in order for this to work, it would have to be light weight and breathable. Not insulated (crazy, I know! but your clothes can take care of that).
• This vest would focus on the utility. Well designed and placed pockets, molle system for adding what YOU want to add, built in lighting/reflective bits to be seen in the dark, etc. The perfect companion for a day hike.
• We even thought about adding in clips or buckles that would allow you to fit a small backpack, water bladder, tent, blanket, etc. to help increase your carrying capacity.
• And what about a flap of waterproof material stored on the back that can unfold/unroll for a waterproof seat?

Crua Tailgate/Pop Up Tent

• Why do we always have to use the heavy, bulky gazebo when we need a quick pop up shelter for tailgating, or other outdoors activities? We feel like we can develop something that is compact, and easy to put up.
• Using our Crua Core as the concept, we want to develop an air-beam gazebo – easy to put up (30 seconds – 1 minute) and spacious.
• Like our Crua Core, it should be able to connect to most vehicles to protect you when the weather is less than favourable.
• It should have built in guy-line “system” (meaning an easy way to guy this down when used on tarmac)
• The beams should support pockets or hook and loop tabs to hang the different bits you need like speakers, lighting, BBQ equipment, etc.


Why are we telling you all of this? Because we want you to be involved in the process! We’ve heard the complaints, and felt them ourselves, but we don’t know everything! We want your feedback on what you would like to see in our newest product, as created by you! We have a quick survey below and after, you can enter your e-mail address to win a brand new Crua Koala – just off a super successful crowdfunding campaign!!


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