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Thermo Tents Ltd. is an Irish company which specialises in the development of (high tech) insulated tents and hammocks, for both the recreational and industrial sectors. Our tents offer thermal, acoustic and light insulation, and are totally unique. We’re also developing proprietary eCommerce tools to display our products online, involving Virtual and Augmented reality.

Traditional Fabric Structures = Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Bright, Too Noisy

The Solution: At Crua Outdoors we design and develop thermally and acoustically insulated tents that also block light. 

Our products are totally unique.

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In 2017 we developed a highly engineered blast resistant and insulated fabric shelter for the oil and gas industry. We have already delivered one shelter to Saudi Arabia and we have received another PO from the largest construction company in the US (Bechtel Corporation) for three more prototypes, to be delivered before the end of 2017. There is huge untapped potential here in this massive industry ($196Bn spend on equipment annually) and we’re in detailed discussion with two existing customers about orders worth over €1m in total. Ours is the only such product on the market and it complies fully with the American Petroleum Institute RP 756. We have a patent pending for this design.

We have developed a range of insulated tents and hammocks which we now sell through our own eCommerce website, Amazon and a number of online retailers. All our insulated tents are unique in their design and performance, and we have two patents pending. We have sold over 2,000 tents into 43 countries. Our primary market is the US Outdoors market ($200Bn equipment sales annually), and the UK is our secondary market ($1.45Bn annually). We have also signed a distribution agreement to enter the ANZ market in 2018. We plan to be the first to really disrupt the outdoors market with our cutting edge (eCommerce) display tools. 

Military Opportunity - Crua Outdoors (in association with Aspetto Inc.) is developing a blast and ballistic resistant (insulated) tent for military applications. This will be presented and launched at the SHOT Show in January 2018. The product has been researched and developed in conjunction with military suppliers and personnel and will be well received. We’re using the same technology as our industrial product, but with a military specific design. (US military spent US$126Bn on procurement and construction in 2016) 


‘The absolute best tent I have ever owned. Every element of the tent is designed, engineered and built to last and be comfortable.’

‘Congratulations on your great tent, my 2 whippets and I thoroughly approved!’

‘Never before in our 11 years of Elk Camp did we enjoy such dry, waterproof and windproof  comfort.’

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