A Breakown of the Innovative Technology CRUA uses 


CruaBreatheTM technology Is the intelligence inside our flagship inner Culla tents

CruaBreatheTM Technology uses a soft polyester outer layer and a thick hollow fiber polyester inner wall to provide the best insulation possible.This resists the conductive flow of heat, keeping the warmth generated by you and your camping companions inside your tent when it is cold, or the heat out when it is hot outside. This CruaBreatheTM Technology is at the core of our Culla Series inner tents.

Temperature Regulating

The Culla’s are an ideal companion for your camping adventures! It’s temperature regulating, meaning it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sound Dampening

We know some camping sites can be noisy. Don’t worry the Culla Series will dampen noise coming from the outside, so you can sleep peacefully.

Light Blocking

Want to sleep in? No problem. The light blocking feature will make sure you won’t be woken up by any bright lights!

Fits With Other Tents

The Culla Series are designed with Airbeams to stand on their own. This allows them to fit Crua tents, and other tents on the market. Just make sure to pick the correct size.

Quick & Easy Setup With Airbeam Technology

Using poles can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why we use an airbeam frame. Get your pump and watch your Culla pop-up in minutes!

Comfortable & Plush Interior

The Culla’s plush interior will ensure you have the best night’s sleep in the wild.

Crua Outer Tents


The exterior of the tent is manufactured with a highly hydrophobic membrane which stops water 


The application of extra tough materials allow the tent to stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions 

Flame Retardant

Certified under CPAI-84 flame resisitant testing proceedures 


A self-supported quilted inner tent can be added to provide warmth when temperatures drop and cool dry conditions during high humidity. 


Made with porous fabrics which allows for natural air flow that supports the ventilation system to keep condensation out of your tent.  

Mildew Resistant

Moisture has the capability to exit the tent with the application of breathable fabrics and a built-in ventilation system