You won’t believe the insulation difference!

The revolutionary insulated Crua tent features an amazing ultralight insulation fused to the fabric that will keep it warm inside even when it is cold outside!

Life before a Crua: when it is cold outside, it’s cold in your tent. Wake up, crawl out of your sleeping bag and you have to get dressed in the cold. You may as well get dressed outside!
Now: You are in a Crua, the first insulated camping tent.  Crua’s patent-pending insulated design keeps the heat in.

Anatomy of a Mor Series Tent

Crua Loj

Crua Tri

The Standalone Cullas

"The Original" Crua Culla™

Crua Culla™ Solo

Crua Culla™ Hammock Wrap Around

Some of Crua's Premium Features

Amazing ultralight insulation is fused to the CruaBreathe™ fabric
As you can see from the diagram, the insulation in a Crua tent is fused to the CruaBreathe™ fabric. What’s remarkable about the insulating layer is how well it insulates and how little it weighs. With an R-value of 9, this very thin layer of insulation does an amazing job of keeping the heat in your tent, heat generated by the warm bodies inside. Consider that this very thin layer of insulation will insulate 13 times better than a conventional tent. That’s 50% better than your premium sleeping mattress! What’s equally important is that the insulation does such a good job of insulating without adding much weight. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Keeps you cool when it’s warm
The insulation in a Crua tent also gives you several other additional benefits. First of all, the insulation works both ways. Not only does it keep you warm when it’s cold, but it will also keep you cool when it’s warm outside, as well.

You’ll sleep better when it’s quiet and dark, too
Another big advantage of the insulated feature of a Crua tent is the fact that it also keeps the noise out. The insulation is an acoustic barrier so, when you are camping, you’ll be protected from all of the outdoor sounds that can interrupt a good night’s sleep, sounds from other people or noise from all of the critters that are out at night. The other thing that tends to wake you when you are sleeping out in your tent is light, either light from other campers if you happen to be in a campground or daylight.

Built tough to take anything you can dish out
A Crua tent is constructed of premium components and designed to provide you with a lifetime of tenting performance. The CruaBreathe™ fabric is extremely durable and is both puncture and tear resistant. It’s also mildew resistant, UV resistant and it is treated with a premium fire retardant.

Waterproof and breathable, too
Of course, a Crua tent is waterproof so that while you may want to be out in the elements during the day, you don’t want the rain, sleet or snow to come inside with you. And, it is waterproof while also being breathable. This, combined with Crua’s ventilation system, ensures you won’t get any condensation in the tent. With some other tents, you can get so much internal condensation, that you may as well be sleeping in the rain.

One-inch reinforced, military grade steel poles – because we refuse to use inferior poles
Having had experience with poor quality tent poles, we were determined that Crua poles would be different. We wanted steel poles, but had to deal with very poor quality steel poles that could even be bent by hand! The suppliers just didn’t get ‘tough and durable’. But, we stuck with it and after six suppliers, we nailed it – one-inch diameter, military grade, reinforced steel poles – so you can be confident that Loj will take anything Mother Nature might throw at it.

High-performance, sewn-in groundsheet plus secondary groundsheet for double the protection
Many tents today use Oxford polyester groundsheets, probably because they look cool. We did too, at first, but soon found they punctured too easily, leading to a wet floor. That’s not an option. So, we designed in a very tough PE floor. Plus, we include a supplementary PE groundsheet to add an extra layer of protection between you and the ground.

Premium over-sized zippers
There is no better way to ruin a good product than with a lousy zipper. It’s one of the few actual interfaces between user and tent. We use premium zippers and over-sized ones at that. All to make sure that zipper failure is not something that you will ever have to deal with.

Angled stakes that won’t pull out like conventional stakes can
Other tent manufacturers provide conventional round stakes to secure their tents. These stakes are inexpensive, easy to push into the ground and they take up little storage space. But, those stakes don’t work if there’s any significant wind. We supply angled and grooved tent stakes that offer far more surface area, which means your Crua tent will stay up even in strong winds. We’ve even developed optional storm stakes for heavy-duty, long-term applications.

TPU-laminated poly-cotton tent walls are truly waterproof, require no aftermarket spray treatment
Other tents use either poly, plain poly-cotton, or nylon fabric for their tent walls. These fabrics all need to be treated with chemical sprays to make them waterproof (and no longer breathable), plus they are very thin and susceptible to flapping and tearing. We use a TPU laminated poly-cotton fabric that is fully waterproof right out of the box. The walls also breathe and they are remarkably durable.

Tough and tested PVC windows won’t crack during sub-zero winter use
The way we look at it, if you were going to put windows in your tent use a material that works regardless of the temperature. Other tent makers use cheap PVC that is prone to cracking if you camp in below freezing temps. Our premium PVC material has been tested in sub-zero conditions. It won’t crack, even when your teeth chatter.

Insulated carpet in the living area – because 20% of the heat is lost through the floor
When the ground is cold a full 20% of heat loss occurs through the tent floor. That’s why we use a custom, insulation-backed carpet in the tent living area. It also adds a nice level of comfort.

Crua’s exclusive ventilation system dramatically reduces condensation
The materials used to make a Crua tent were chosen for several attributes, including breathability. That said, no matter how breathable a tent is you still need ventilation to combat condensation. Through exhaustive testing, we’ve designed the optimal ventilation system that dramatically reduces in-tent condensation. With other tents, condensation can become so bad, it may as well be raining inside the tent.

Illuminous guy lines that won’t trip you up
We’ve all done it. Walk around the tent in the dark and forget about the guy lines, the result being a nasty fall. The guy lines on a Crua tent are visible at night so you will see them instead of tripping over them.