hammocks hanging chairs and tent hammocks safety guide

For the purposes of this document, all products will be referred to as “hammock” or “hammocks”.

1. Store your hammock in a clean, dry place during periods of bad weather and for the winter in climates prone to harsh conditions.
2. Rid your hammock of any leaves or twigs that can easily become lodged in it; debris can cause damage over time.
3. Store your hammock fully dry inside a bag or other container that can be completely closed, and away from strong chemicals, including pesticides, which may damage the integrity of the different parts.
1. Stretch your hammock on a clean, dry, non-abrasive surface, then wet it with a hose and gently scrub with a soft brush and a mild soap/water solution.
2. Once the hammock has been washed, rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before hanging it back up or storing it.

Crua Koala - 205 kg / 450 lbs
Crua Koala Maxx - 205 kg / 450 lbs
Crua HoverChair - 125 kg / 275 lbs
Crua HoverChair Xtend - 125 kg / 275 lbs
Crua Hybrid - 117.9 kg / 260 lbs
Crua Hammock Stand - 120 kg / 264 lbs
Crua Hanging Chair Stand - 120 kg / 264 lbs
Crua Convertible Stand (Hammock Mode) - 120 kg / 264 lbs
Crua Convertible Stand (Hanging Chair Mode) - 120 kg / 264 lbs
Crua 2-in-1 Canopy and Hammock (Modus Flysheet) - 90 kg / 198 lbs

1. Assembly must be carried out by an Adult.
2. Ensure hammock is fully assembled before use.
3. DO NOT exceed weight capacity.
4. DO NOT climb into hammock feet first.
5. DO NOT stand in hammock.
6. DO NOT dive into or jump about in hammock.
7. Keep tree straps as straight as possible, DO NOT twist.
8. DO NOT use damaged or weakened hammock hanging accessories.
9. Hammock fabrics and accessories will wear over time and use. DO NOT use if items show signs of damage or weakness.
10. Hammocks are not designed for swinging, playing, climbing or to be used as a children’s toy.
11. DO NOT leave children or pets unattended in or near hammock.
12. Always check the weight capacity before use.
13. Keep hammock clear of obstructions.
14. Allow a minimum of 50cm clearance range around the perimeter of your hammock when in use.
15. Only use the hammock on level floors with shock-absorbing properties such as carpet or outdoor grass to minimise the risk of injury in case of an accident. DO NOT use on slippery or hard surfaces.
16. Never use a free standing brick wall to hang your hammock.
17. Only use Crua Outdoors accessories for hanging your hammock.
18. DO NOT modify hammock. Hammock must be used in accordance with this manual. Aftermarket modifications will void your warranty.
19. DO NOT smoke in or around the hammock. Keep away from heat or flames.
20. DO NOT use whilst wearing shoes, clothing, or jewellery.
21. DO NOT use near sharp objects.
22. A copy of this manual must be provided should the hammock transfer ownership.
23. Under no circumstances should the lowest point of your hammock hang higher than 18 inches / 45 cm off the ground while in use
24. Check the area beneath the hammock is free of sharp objects, rocks, or other debris that could create a hazard in case of a fall.
25. Check your surroundings, above and below, and make sure to choose a suitable, stable living/healthy tree or anchor points that can safely support the hammock and it's occupant(s).
26. Before every use, fully inspect your gear, including carabiners and tree straps, for snags, fraying, or anything unusual from the time of purchase. If anything suspect is found during inspection, please discontinue use and check out our warranty.
27. Always store gear indoors when not in use, as elemental damage will quickly degrade the product.
28. Do not permit children to use unattended.
29. Always follow provided instructions.
30. Always test the hammock to ensure it is hung correctly before putting your full weight into it.
31. DO NOT stack hammocks while in use.
32. Do not modify your hammock; after market modifications will void your warranty.
33. Do not untie hammock knots (found at the ends of the hammock).
34. Failure to adhere to these instruction/guidelines may result in serious injury or death.
35. To safely get into a hammock, slowly place your weight in the center of the hammock bed, not on either edge, then lift your feet up and in.

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