Go camping in Northern Ireland with Alexander Morris!

Let us introduce Alexander Morris. Alex is an outdoor lover and got a Crua Duo Few weeks ago. As part of our Review piece, we thought that he could give us his feedback and thoughts about the tent and he accepted to be on board. Please welcome our new camper!



What about you?

I am a 24-year-old landscape photographer living in Northern Ireland. I love all things outdoors, especially hiking to find stunning vistas off the beaten track. I usually go hiking with a couple of friends, although occasionally do solo hikes too. My favourite places to hike in Northern Ireland are along the Causeway Coastline close to the world-famous Giants Causeway, an absolutely breathtaking part of the world.


How long have you been camping/hiking…?

I have been frequently hiking for well over 5 years. Being a landscape photographer, I hike every week in search of the next image. Camping for me has been a much more recent undertaking and something really excited to do a lot more of in the future.


Have you always been such an enthusiast?

I have always had a huge love for the outdoors, but it wasn’t until I got into landscape photography about 8 years ago that I got totally hooked on it. I could easily sit at a viewpoint for hours watching the light change, just waiting for that perfect moment. In Northern Ireland we can experience all four seasons in one day and having a Crua Duo gives me a great refuge from the elements, whilst waiting for the perfect conditions to capture my images. 


Have you always camped? 

No actually. Usually my photography trips started with getting up well before sunrise, driving a couple of hours and then hiking to location. For evening shoots I’d be hiking a mountain ridge for sunset and then I would be left to get back down in pitch black. Having a Crua Duo now allows me to wake up on location, with picturesque views at my front door and be ready to shoot or stay the night after a sunset shoot. 


How it is to go camping with a Crua Duo? 

The Crua Duo finds the balances of a comfortably sized tent within a lightweight hiking friendly form factor perfectly! At a little over 2kg, it’s pretty amazing how spacious the Duo feels once it is all set up. After a little practice at setting the duo up it can go from being packed away to pitched in a less than 5 minutes. Major bonus points for this! All the times I have set up camp with the Duo it has been on the tops of mountains or close to cliff edges where the wind has really tested the Duo. I have been absolutely amazed at how well it holds up in strong winds and still keeps its shape.  


How do you get on every trip?

Most of my trips are along the County Antrim Coastline, which is accessed by one of the most stunning coast roads you will ever see. My trips start by driving that, then parking up and getting my hiking boots on. I usually hike for 1-2 hours before settling for a location where I want to photograph, and camp.  


Could you give me your feedback on the Duo? What do you like about it? What would you improve/change? 

I love how brilliant the design is and how quickly it sets up, especially with the shortened pole slots. The duo is so lightweight and compact, perfect for hiking. It also has an enclosed porch area to keep dirty boots and gear. My only negative comment about the duo is how small the carry bag is. Like with most tents and sleeping bags I really struggle to get them folded back up small enough to fit in their original carry case. A slightly larger one would make this so much easier. All in all I think Crua have done a really wonderful job with the Duo, you can tell it is top quality. All of my friends are really jealous of it and were amazed at it compared to their tents. 


Thank you Alex for answering our questions and getting ready to be part of the project! See you next month. In the meantime, follow him on Instagram




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