At Crua Outdoors, we’re passionate about camping, and our patent protected Thermo Tent came from a night when one of our founders was camping with his wife. Tired of waking up freezing in the middle of the night because their tent had insufficient insulation, he decided to do something about it and create a tent with higher quality insulation for more comfortable temperatures and quieter sleeping conditions.

Crua is the world’s very first properly insulated tenting system. It is both, thermally and acoustically insulated.

Yes. It is equally effective in keeping heat out of the tent on very hot days and at keeping it in during cold days or nights. Our insulation has a thermal conductivity of 0.03 W/(m.K) which is excellent to keep the proper temperature inside the tent.

Thermo Tent reduces noise transfer by about 35 decibels. This is the equivalent of reducing city traffic noise down to the equivalent of a normal conversation.

Our inner tent is made of 2 layers of highly breathable poly-cotton, which sandwich our TTinsu insulation and is very breathable. This is the key to limit the condensation as well as to provide comfortable and safe living environment. This breathability is supplemented by high and low vents.

Everything about Thermo Tent exceeds industry norms. Our groundsheets, poles, flysheet, mesh and even our zips are the highest quality. Our manufacturing partner is by far the most known in the world and our guarantee reflects our confidence in this.

On every product we sell, we offer a no quibble, 30-day money back guarantee.  For any item bought directly from our website, we will offer full refund AND we will organize the collection of the items from you if anything should not meet your expectations.  In addition to the 30-day money back guarantee, we offer a two-year product defect warranty.  Our guarantee and warranty each exceed the industry norm.  You can see our return policy page for full details.

Our large tent is a heavier than traditional tents for the following reasons:

We use high-grade, high-quality materials.
The poly-cotton insulation is far better more efficient than polyester.
We use the strongest steel poles in the sector to provide extra security.
Our insulated inner tent adds extra weight to keep you safe and secure.
However, we understand these may cause potential issues so we have reduced this by:
We have designed ergonomic bags to divide the weight. These bags are designed to pack very easily into storage space and into cars.
We – at Crua Outdoors – firmly believe that the benefits of extra security and the environmental comfort provided by us are worth the extra weight when compared to similar sized tents.

We ship anywhere in the world, with free shipping to the EU and the contiguous USA.  Please see our shipping page for further details.