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Crua Duo
David Lambries (Green Bay, US)
Perfect tent

Easy set up backup real Well, 4 your adventures on the motorcycle.

Hi David,

These are great photos, thank you!

Have fun with your adventures,

Crua Firepit
Mike Klepper (San Diego, US)
Great deal with quick shipping

I ordered a fire pit and hammoc stand. They arrived quickly, very sturdy products, and they'll be put to good use.

Thank you Mike for your kind words. We hope you will use the firepit for a very long time.

Have a nice day,
Crua Team

Crua Graphene Sleeping Bag
Mary Z (Phoenix, US)
Warm and compact sleeping bag

This sleeping bag takes up very little space and works well with my sleep system. I'm not crazy about the zip-off hood or the outer fabric. I'd prefer the hood be one piece and I like the fabric on the sleep system blanket and the insulated camping blanket a little better. When the weather gets colder, I'll try the zip open foot part to sit by the fire and still stay warm. I anticipate liking that feature a lot.

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your detailed feedback on the Sleeping bag. Watch out with those fire flames ;)

Crua Culla Maxx
Peter J Lee (Costa Mesa, US)

Crua Culla Maxx

Thank you Peter for the 5 stars!

Crua Firepit
Christopher Brooks (Denver, US)
Great car camping stove for cast iron cooking

Pros: Rock solid stability (the 'Con' of this firepit being heavy is a desired feature for me, I wanted a heavier pit that wouldn't warp or tip over), Safety (hot cast iron pans-to-full size logs won't tip or knock this baby over), smaller than a standard campsite firepit so it doesn't require the same amount of wood, when used for cooking you can manage the fire without having to take the food off / disassemble any parts of the pit

Cons: The carry bags it comes with suck! They are literally of lower quality than a reusable shopping bag and the stove will break thru the bottom within the first use or two -- do yourself a huge favor and buy a camp griddle storage bag. I grabbed one off Amazon for $25 and it works great (I use the Yoyong Griddle Carry Bag 22"L x 18"H).

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear, that the firepit does a good job. :)
Thank you for the feedback on the carry bag as well, we will look into it, we might be able to improve them:)

Crua Graphene Sleeping Bag
David Lambries (Appleton, US)
Crua Graphene Sleeping Bag

Can't wait to put them in Harley let the sunsets never end

Hi David,

Thank you for the 5 stars and have fun on your adventures!


Crua Graphene Sleeping Bag
Scott Swanson (Omaha, US)
Graphene sleeping bag

Lightweight and compacts down to a good size. The bag is well made with quality components.

Thank you Scott for your feedback.

Enjoy the great sleep,

Crua Aer 2 - 3 Person Rooftop Tent
rayray (Lehi, US)
product not available

How soon this tent will be available?

Crua Koala Maxx Set
Geoffrey Gatebled (Paris, FR)

Crua Koala Maxx Set

Thank you Geoffrey!

Have a great time,

Crua Tri
Tami Rast (Racine, US)
Love it!!!

I learned about Crua from watching Baum Outdoors on YouTube. I looked at a few of your tents and chose this one. We have had it almost a year. We have taken it out in 32 degree temps and with three of use inside, it never went below 50 degrees. It IS bulky and so we don’t plan to take it out as much in the summer as our old cheap Walmart tent is bigger, but it has allowed us to now camp in spring, fall and winter. I have also recently purchased the porch to go with it and love it as a place to hide our supplies and change clothes OR to cook and hang out if it were to rain.

Crua XTENT Maxx
Stefan Jordan (Eureka, US)
Great tent!

I’m a tall guy and I can stand all the way up in it comfortably when it’s extended to the tall setting. Durable, quality materials. Highly recommend.

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your feedback. We could not agree with you more ;)

Crua Clan
Martin Goode (Ipswich, GB)
Year 5 update....

Now in to our 5th year of ownership, I thought another update was due.
The colour of the material of our Crua tent has faded a bit with the exposure to sunlight (our tent is WELL used!), but it remains a fantastic tent.
Nothing has failed in 5 years, and I mean nothing. No rips, no failed zips, no leaks and no broken/failed poles (or airbeams). You really do get what you pay for.
It also remains very, very comfortable.
We had friends camp with us in a very inexpensive tent at the end of May for a couple of nights. They ended up sleeping in their car as they were cold. No such problems in the Crua, my better half and I were snug. The same couple have asked to borrow the Crua later in the year.
Couple that with excellent versatility, and the initial expense is justified.
It's still an excellent tent, Crua.
Thank you.

Hi Martin,

We are super happy to hear, that your Clan is in good use, and it's still in great condition. We wish you another 5...well even more than 5 years of adventures with the Clan.

Happy Camping,
Crua Team

Crua XTENT Maxx
Sonja R (Knoxville, US)
Love your products

I absolutely love Crua products and wish I could but about a dozen or more of their products; However, we live on a very tight budget. But then…Crua, so graciously put the X Maxx Tent on a serious sale and I pounced on the deal. I refused to buy a cheaply made tent but because of Crua, we’re now able to go on the annual, family camping trip. Thank you Crua!

Hi Sonja,

That's so great to hear, that the Xtent Maxx is in good hands.

Have a lot of great camping trips with it,
Crua Crew

Crua Duo
Jared Billey (Edmonton, CA)

Crua Duo

Thank you Jared for the 5 stars:)

Crua XTENT Maxx
Derek C. (Bemidji, US)
Well designed Tent!

The Xtent Maxx is quick and easy to set up. If you are tired of being hunched over in a tent, this would be a good fit for you. All the tie down locations makes the tent very stable in the wind. The only potential con I can think of is the amount of time it takes to wrap up the tie down strings so that they don't get tangled when you fold up the rain fly. Otherwise I think this tent is excellent for the price point.

Hi Derek,

Thank you for your review and your feedback!

Happy Camping,

Crua Camping Carpet
Antony S (Tralee, IE)
Amazing Camping Carpet!

Got this to go into my Crua Core tent and it makes the floor so much softer and plush. Also helps keep heat a bit better I would recommend this addon just for the quality of life improvements it made for us! Well done Crua

Hi Antony,

Thank you for your great review, it's a very useful extra for sure. ;)

Have a great time camping,

Crua XTENT Maxx
peter greer (Southfield, US)
Amazing tent

The perfect tent for immersing in nature. 6 stars!

Thank you, Peter for your great feedback!

Have a great rest of the summer,
Crua Crew

Crua XTENT Footprint
James (Columbia, US)
Exactly what our doggies ordered...

This extra footprint was perfect ground covering for our doggies to rest on while camping. We put it under a blanket for extra padding.

Hi James,

What a creative way of using the footprint!

These dogs are definitely lucky with you:)

Have a nice day,
Team Crua

Crua XTENT Maxx
Heath Smith (Portland, US)
Amazing Tent!

I purchased my first Xtent Maxx through the kickstarter. It was everything they claimed it would be, It has been a game changer. So much so that I just bought another!


The ability to fully stand up or use a queen sized cot with an air matress is amazing.

Fair weather set up takes about 3 to 5 minuts with a single person.

VERY sturdy!

I have used this tent in high desert wind / rain / thunder storm (down configuration) with 35+ MPH wind gusts, the tent didn't budge.

The deep forest in a 2 day deluge ( Up configuration ) where even my canopy spring multiple leaks, my tent / bedding stayed bone dry.

This tent can handle full sun with the included rainfly... but if you buy the reflective fly sheet you get a cooler and darker spot for lazy mornings or mid day naps or early bed times.

I tend to camp in dispersed locations so broken glass and sharp stone are issues. the footprint from Crua is super thick and durable and solves those issues.

Throw in a Crua Cocoon and this beast will be super warm and cozy on even freezing nights.


There are a LOT of guy lines, this is a GREAT thing but it does increase set up time. You can quick set the tent with just 4 in a pinch, in about 5 minuts. Its worth it to use at least 7 to 11 if there will be rain/ high wind. ( about 15 minuts set up). IF you do use all of the provided ties and steaks, your tent will be implacable but give your self 20+ mins to fully steak out and tie down.

The porch is a little tricky to figgure out.

The tent is not remotely dust resistant because of all the ventilation so not a great tent to take to burning man / festival camping with fine blowing dust.

It might be a little weighty for long back packing trips.

That's it, no other issues. that's how good this tent is!

Buy it and never look back.

Hi Heath,

Wow, you really tested the tent :D
Thank you for your detailed review, that's great to see, that you had a chance to try out the Xtent Maxx in different locations and different setups.
We wish you more of the camping adventures, but not in Burning Man apparently ;)

Happy Camping,

Crua Aer Maxx 4 - 5 Person Rooftop Tent
Phillip Henrikson (Clovis, US)
How far does the ladder and support poles extend? My truck is pretty tall.

Question for ya, how far does the ladder and support poles extend?

Hi Philip,

Thank you for your review!

Great question! The ladder can be extended to 276 cm and the support poles can be extended to a maximum of 218 cm. :)

Crua Hybrid
trameson xavier (Nevers, FR)
essai sur le terrain

j'ai deja fait deux bivouac en forêt !! , la tente est géniale et j'ai beaucoup plus
de possibilités de choix de bivouac avec l'utilisation en hamac , donc SUPER :)

Merci :)

bon camping,
Crua Crew

Crua Culla Hammock Insulated Wrap Around
Doyle Beitz (Opfikon, CH)
Excellent night sleep in the wild!

Very comfortable warm throughout the night!

Thank you, Doyle, for your feedback!
Have fun at your adventures well rested in the wild!

Crua Combo Maxx
Doug Smith (Plymouth, GB)
Crua Combo Maxx. Great piece of kit.

Firstly, the Crua tent. Great tent. Quality materials and well put together. Stitching seems sound. Overall, quite durable. It's also lightweight, and fairly compact when rolled up in its bag, I sometimes use it as a standalone item and don't always use the culla with it, on these occasions it's quite spacious for a smallish tent. A bonus for me as I have only ever used it when travelling on my motorbike. It goes up quite quickly and is easily done by one person. I have swapped out the supplied pegs for longer, spiral style storm pegs as I use the tent all year round in variable weather conditions and I'm not a fan of re-pegging the tent in a storm at night - do it right first time, saves a lot of unnecessary hassle. The only improvements I would suggest are a tailored footprint groundsheet - not because the integral groundsheet is porous in any way, but because I prefer to use one. It keeps the underside of the tent cleaner and drier for packing away. Once back home cleaning / drying the footprint is much simpler than dealing with a muddy tent. The other improvement I could suggest would be to do away with the toggles and loops for holding back the tent flaps, these can be a tight fit, and difficult to manipulate in the cold and dark. Not too sure what an effective alternative would be though, perhaps a simple strap that ties up. One pull and it's undone.
I also use the reversible fly sheet, effective in the cold and the heat.

As for the Culla inner tent; oh boy, it's a modern marvel. So warm and toasty once inside in the winter months, plus I have decent sleeping bag and self inflating mattress - recently upgraded to the Crua sleep system, I'm not sure the airbeam construction is absolutely necessary, but it works so well. I use a battery powered compressor as it's much less bulky for travelling with on a motorbike, and I can pre-set the inflation pressure. And it's dark inside, lovely. No more bright light at stupid o'clock in the morning! Ideal.
Some suggestions for improvements (product development!) Some hooks on the bottom corners and roof to facilitate centring the culla inside the tent before the airbeams are inflated. Some storage nets inside the culla would be handy - the tent has them, but they're not accessible from inside the culla , and some more hooks inside too for hanging lights from for example, because you need lights, the blackout properties are quite effective, especially appreciated when I'm working away from home and I sllep all day and work all night. Ditto the toggle setup for the tent.
The only drawback to the culla is its bulk. It's quite a sizeable beast on the back of a motorbike, not especially heavy, just bulky, I understand the latest version addresses this though. Now, if Crua were to send me one to review....
I have a large roll bag that accommodates the culla, but is not as waterproof as I had hoped. It would be good if Crua could manufacture something appropriate like a waterproof storage bag.

Hi Doug,

Thank you for your detailed feedback!

We made some changes as you mentioned in the Culla V2, which makes it a bit lighter and has some extra features. But the older version is as good as you described:)

Hopefully, you will have a long journey with the Combo Maxx and your motorbike, while you are traveling, we are taking a look into your suggestions and feedback on the improvement ;)

Take care on the road,
Team Crua

Crua Core
Terry Simpson (Eugene, US)
Amazing tent

Iv had my crua core for about 7 years and I have no complaints it has every thing and is built really well this is an amazing product. I got a digital pump and set it for the proper psi and step back amazing results

Thank you Terry for the great review!
Enjoy camping with the Core for another 7 years and more:)

Crua XTENT Maxx
Customer (Eureka, US)
What great features!

Tent has some really great features and is built with some hearty materials. The only think that is taking me getting used to is the way the rain fly has zippers on multiple sides and and Addis upper to release a flap. Height of the tent is super amazing! Best three man tent for car camping! The reflective rain fly is also really great for minimizing un-wanted late night head lights or early morning sun.


Thank you for your great review. Hopefully, you will get used to the rain fly easily, and you will enjoy camping in the Xtent even more:)

Have a nice summer,
Crua Team