Crua’s new Ambassador Program uses CrewFire as a way to help you get rewarded for all your hard work for Crua. Through CrewFire we will be able to track your Crua related mentions, shares and likes and when we have specific material we would like you to share, we can send it to you through CrewFire. All you need to do it share (or edit then share). CrewFire will assign points to the different actions associated with each campaign or social platform. We will then run internal promotions for you to cash in your points for new tents, gear, discounts, etc!

Still in? Great! We will get you all set up in 3 easy steps-

Step 1: Complete the form on this page. With that, we can add you to our Ambassador page. This gives you a little boost, and we will link back to your social platform of choice.

Step 2: Once we have the below form completed, we will send you the program guidelines and a link for you to complete the CrewFire set-up.

Step 3: After completing your CrewFire set-up, we will organize delivery of your reward.

That’s it! Now you can start sharing your own Crua adventures!


Extreme Sports
General Great Outdoors
Crua Hybrid (Tent Only)
Crua Duo
Crua Cocoon
Internal Use Only: CA1806