Derek O'Sullivan - Sep 8, 2019

Crowdfunding Codes Explained.

We want to ensure that the deal you get on crowdfunding sites, be it Kickstarter or Indiegogo, is the best possible price. Period.

This is why we offer our "Crowdfunding Codes" system, where if you back a campaign with us, you will receive a unique code, which will ensure that crowdfunding has given you the best deal.

We offer 15% or 20% Guaranteed Discount on crowdfunding, which means you will never see your product listed on for any less than these amounts.

Should you see your crowdfunding product for less than this, we will refund you the double allocated amount (15% or 20%).

Why offer Crowdunding Codes? 

Confidence. In both the platforms and your pledge. Crowdunding is all about having sincere confidence that not only will a product succeed and become successfully funded,  but that the discounted price is the best yet. 

Reliability. We want our backers to be safe in the knowledge that each and every crowdfunding campaign is as reliable as the last. We hate second guessing, and would hate it even more if our loyal supporters felt unsure at any stage of the process.

Trust. It's easy to state one thing and do the other. We would never be the company that would drive traffic to a crowdfunding campaign, with the promise of a discount off retail, for it not to materialize. The purpose of crowdfunding is to allow a product come to market, with the benefit for the backer to have a reliable discount for their trust in the process. 

How can I use my Crowdfunding Code?

In the unlikely event of your product being less than the 15 or 20% saving*, please follow the steps below.

*You know when flight attendants say "in the unlikely event"? It's even more unlikely than that. Yup, it's never happened. 

1.) Shout and Scream. Yeah, we'd be mad too. It's a promise after all.

2.) Contact. Shoot us an email at with your Crowdfunding Code. We'll do the rest.

3.) Plan. Prepare what you will do with all the reimbursed money. I know a place with great hammocks.

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