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Crua Outdoors: Affiliate Partner Program

Thermo Tents Ltd. and Thermo Tents USA Inc. (Trading as Crua Outdoors) occasionally offer an affiliate partner program to carefully chosen and strategically placed individuals or organizations, who can promote our products.
This program is open to potential partners such as (but not limited to):

  • Influencers within our market
  • Campground operators
  • Outfitters
  • Website and social media site owners

Crua Outdoors offers the following benefits as part of its program:

  • Crua Outdoors will offer products to our partners at a discounted rate, to be agreed based upon quantities and potential sales.
  • Crua Outdoor will pay our partner agreed % commission on the price of any products sold by their referral. This will be tracked and fully transparent to both parties.
  • Cross promotion – Crua Outdoors may also agree to promote their partners through Social Media and through the Crua Outdoor website.
  • Crua Outdoors may offer longer invoicing periods to partners. This will be assessed case by case.
  • Crua Outdoors can ship directly from our warehouses.
  • All partners will provide Crua Outdoors with a video and written review of our products for use online.

Queries to email, or call +353 87 9115092