5 Reasons Totally Sane People Love Cold Weather Camping

5 Reasons Totally Sane People Love Cold Weather Camping

If you can’t wait ‘til summer so you can head out into the wilderness to pitch your tent, you aren’t alone. 


But if the cool weather’s got your outdoorsy bone itching for summer, we have to ask...why wait? Sure the summer is a bit warmer, but in a lot of ways cold-weather camping is actually the best kind of camping. 

Think we’re crazy? Here are five reasons why we’re not.


  1. The Majestic Lack of Humans

“Sure, the great outdoors is for everyone. But...does everyone have to be here? Right now? Right next to me? With their talking and their infernal laughter?”


Every camper has had this thought. Or, at least every camper who camps in the summertime.


But, rejoice: There is a thing called winter and you’re going to love it. All those “happy” campers that drive you crazy with their existence will be at home watching their Netflix and you’ll be left alone with the magical wilderness all to yourself. 


Plus, a related bonus: The sound of silence. You’ve never heard (or not heard?) silence like winter camping silence. Lack of other humans + a blanket of muffling snow = a real treat for the senses that’ll fill your grumpy soul with some serious inner peace. 


  1. 6-Legged Creatures Are Nowhere to Be Found

It is not an accident that the word “bug” means both “insect” and “irritate.” Bugs are annoying. And do you know where bugs hang out? In the summer.


Camp in the colder months and leave your DEET behind. Also leave your Zika and your West Nile virus and your Lyme disease and that itch that you just can’t quite reach...


  1. A Whole New View

Stunning vistas aren’t the only reason to go camping, but they are a big one. And if you’ve never seen your favorite view in the winter, well, it’s kind of like never seeing the love of your life in the nude. (I mean, maybe that’s your thing, no judgment here, but you get the point.) 


Winter landscapes offer a whole new kind of beauty, arguably an even more beautiful beauty than that lush summer stuff. Without all that pesky foliage in the way, you can see new mountains, new lakes, new rolling hills—all of which are covered in elegant blankets of snow. Which, by the way, isn’t just white. Sometimes it looks blue, purple, pink! Plus, you can also spot wildlife a lot more easily, which is fun. 


Also, you know how that song goes? “The stars at night! Are big and bright! Deep in the heart of...winter.” Or, something like that. The point is that stargazing is a heck of a lot better in the colder months too. The nights are longer, the skies are clearer, and one thing’s for sure: You’ve never seen stars like winter camping stars.


  1. Cold Weather Camping Makes You Into a Pyro-Enthusiast

Fires are nice in the summer, sure. They’re a great way to roast your hot dogs and your marshmallows and to keep away the bugs. 


But huddling around the fire in the winter is soooooooo much better. First of all, you kind of need it to survive. (At least before you get in your sleeping bag.) And there’s just something more fun about a non-superfluous fire. 


Plus, the heat of a winter campfire will give you a sort of primal caveman cozy safe and happy feeling you really can’t get anywhere else. Add a little hot cocoa (or maybe a hot toddy?) into the situation and, ahhhhh, you are really living the life.


  1. Winter Camping Is Actually MORE Comfortable Than Summer Camping 

Now is probably when you think we’ve really lost it, but it’s true!


Why? Well we’ve already mentioned the bugs. But summer camping also brings the sweating and the stifling hot tent that forces you up at the crack of dawn. Not so in winter!


A very well-kept secret is that it’s actually a lot easier to stay warm in the winter than it is to stay cool in the summer. After all, you can only take off so many layers. To keep warm, you just need the right clothing, an all-season tent and a heavy-duty sleeping bag, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked on the wonder that is cold-weather camping.


So...what stuff do you need, exactly? Here’s a rundown of our most popular fall and winter camping options that’ll have you comfy, cozy and camping happily (even though everyone else thinks you’re crazy.) 


Crua Tri - Insulated 3 Person Tent

At first glance, the Crua Tri looks like an awesome 3-person tent, and it is! Super spacious inside with an additional large vestibule that’s perfect for foul weather, the Tri easily fits three campers and offers a lot of extra space for two. 


But the Crua Tri has a secret, that also makes it the perfect four-season tent! Tucked inside is a patented TT insulating cocoon. This removable insulating layer can be removed, leaving you with a fully functional tent shell for moderate weather, or leave installed for cozy four-season camping. 


With the insulating cocoon in place, the Tri will keep you cozy through the coldest winter nights, it’s like turning your whole tent into a sleeping bag! As an added bonus, the insulating liner blocks out 95% of outside light and dampens outside sounds by 25-30 decibels, meaning heaving winds won’t keep you up at night and you’re no longer forced to wake up with the sun (unless that’s your thing).




Crua Combo: Duo + Cocoon 

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, but just as warm, meet the Crua Combo, including our flagship Duo lightweight 2-person hiking tent and the Crua Cocoon insulating liner with its simple airframe set up.


The Duo on its own is a workhorse of a tent built to withstand frequent trips and tough weather, but paired with the Cocoon is where it really shines. The insulated Cocoon uses an innovative airframe construction that takes a minute to set up, INSIDE of the Duo, turning it into a true four-season camping solution.


As with the insulating layer in the Tri, the Duo + Cocoon combo will keep you toasty warm during long winter nights with sound dampening. You’ll be so warm and dry that you might have to set an alarm if you want to catch the sunrise.




Crua Cocoon - 2 Person Insulated Tent

We’re proud of our tents, but we understand Crua might be a new discovery for you. If you happen to *cough* own a different tent...we have great news for you


The Crua Cocoon will also fit inside just about any other 2-person tent that’s similar in size, giving you the option to accessorize and remain warm in cold weather until you’re ready to upgrade your tent to a Crua. Bottom line, if you’re looking to transform your current tent into a four-season option, buy the Crua Cocoon instead of spending your hard earned money on an expensive sub-zero sleeping bag.


The rugged airframe of the Cocoon means all you have to do is inflate within your existing tent, and enjoy cold weather camping!




Why Crua

We are campers, hikers, paddlers, and love living a life outdoors. Because this is our passion, we won’t stand for anything but the best in our tents and we stand behind every one of them. Our 30 days risk-free 100% money-back guarantee means you can return your tent if you're not completely satisfied with it. 


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