Cru-tech: 3D and AR Technology

Cru-tech: 3D and AR Technology

At Crua we are always looking for ways to push the boundries.  You see this in our tent design and function, as well as in the ways we try to bring the product closer to you.  Introducing: Cru-tech 3D and AR. Your gateway to exploring our products on your terms.  

Check out a few sample tents below OR on most product pages you will see a tab that says "AR/3D".  See it is 3D on your phone or desktop or explore it in AR in the real world where ever you are*.  


Explore our tents on your desktop or mobile.  Spin then make them bigger of smaller - see it from any angle.


Need to see where the tent is going to fit in your camp?  Just look for this box icon on the product page, tap it and let the fun begin!

*On most iPhones and select Androids, see the tent "live" where ever you are.  

Crua Culla™ 

2 Person Insulated Inner Tent

  • Thermally Insulated, Light Insulated and Noise Dampening Inner Tent.
  • Our Culla Series can be used inside of any tent*, van*, awning, back porch under a tarp or at home.
  • Airframe Beams allow you to have this tent pumped up in 60 Seconds.

*Use 3D/AR and specs to ensure it will fit.

Crua Tri

3 Person All Weather Insulated Tent

  • Insulated Bedroom inside for Optimal Sleeping Comfort.
  • All Year Round Camping.
  • Quick & Easy Setup.
  • Made from Breathable Premium Quality Materials.
  • The Crua Tri Tent was over-built to be an investment that lasts for years to come.

Crua Clan Maxx

9+ Insulated Modular Tent System

  • Temperature, noise, & light insulated.
  • Tents can be used together or separately.
  • When not camping, the Cullas can be used inside in a van*, awning, back porch under a tarp or at home.
  • The "Swiss Army Knife of Tents" is comfort guaranteed.

Check out our product pages to see more products in 3D/AR.