Crua AER Anti-Condensation Mat

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  • Made to fit perfectly under your AER or AER Maxx mattress.  
  • Mat aids in under mattress ventilation.
  • Helps in preventing moisture built-up.

Size | AER (2-3 P)

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When you are sleeping in a traditional ground tent, the ground itself acts as a bit of an insulator between your mattress or sleeping bag and the outside air.  But when you are in a rooftop tent, the bottom of the tent is exposed to the air.  So changes in temperature can cause moisture to build up between the bottom of the tent and the mattress.  The Anti-Condensation Mat helps by adding some ventilation between the mattress and the tent floor keeping the moisture at bay.
  • Variant: AER (2-3 P)



Crua Aer Anti-Condensation Mat

  • Width: 4.5ft / 140cm
  • Length: 7.7ft / 235cm

Crua Aer Maxx Anti-Condensation Mat

  • Width: 6.8ft / 210cm
  • Length: 8.2ft / 250cm

Care and maintenance for your Crua is very important to ensure it lasts for years and the warranty stays in tact.

Follow the link to see detailed insturctions on how to CARE FOR YOUR CRUA.

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