Works with Culla

Works with Culla

Want the versatility of a great tent, but the choice for when you want to use the insulation?  These tents are all made with an insulated counterpart in mind.  Use them on their own or together to fit whatever your adventure needs.  

Crua Core


5 Person Modular Dome Tent

Crua Hybrid


1 Person Tent or Hammock

Crua Duo Maxx


3 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

Crua Clan


6+ Person Modular System

Crua Hybrid Set


1 Person Ground Tent or Hammock Includes Mattress & Sleeping Bag

Crua Duo


2 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

Crua Clan Maxx


9+ Person Modular System

Crua Twin Hybrid Set


2 Person Tents/Hammock with Mattress' and Sleeping Bag's

Crua Twin Hybrid


2 Person Tents/Hammocks Only