Modular Sets

Modular Sets

At Crua, we're all about offering you smart outdoor living solutions, which is why we're so proud of our modular zip-together product designs. Our focus on functionality allows you to effortlessly merge your favourite products and build your ultimate camping experience.

Like the revolutionary Crua Clan which combines 1 Crua Core plus 3 Crua Duos plus 3 Crua Culla's to house six. The next-generation Crua Clan Maxx can sleep up to 9 people. Or the modest but adaptable Crua Twin Hybrid Set which sleeps two in companion tent/hammocks.

Don't see your ideal configuration listed? Why not get in touch to let us know and we'll make a plan?

Crua Duo Culla™ Combo


2 Person Tent Modular System

5 total reviews

Crua Culla™ Combo Maxx


3 Person Modular System

4 total reviews

Crua Clan


6+ Person Modular System

5 total reviews

Crua Clan Maxx


9+ Person Modular System

3 total reviews

Crua Culla™ Hybrid Combo


1 Person Tent or Hammock

10 total reviews

Crua Hybrid Set


1 Person Ground Tent or Hammock Includes Mattress & Sleeping Bag

8 total reviews

Crua Twin Hybrid Set


2 Person Tents/Hammock with Mattress' and Sleeping Bag's

2 total reviews

Ultimate Relaxation Bundle


Koala Hammock, Convertible Stand and HoverChair