January: New Year, New Crua!

January 26 2018 – Crua Outdoors

January: New Year, New Crua! - Crua Outdoors
January: New Year, New Crua! - Crua Outdoors
You want to know what happens in January in Crua? New website, new possibilities (Chat online with Intercom, get your Crua Now, Pay Later with Klarna), fabric samples available and news about our growing community!

January: New Year, New Crua! 

Making it easier for you - New Website!

The Crua team is happy to present a brand new website! New design, new features, all things that could make life easier. Indeed, the website interface is a lot more interactive, it’s attractive and you’ll be able to enjoy and discover our products and news anytime in the best way. 

To make its use a lot more convenient, Crua integrated some cool new features such as Intercom (messaging app) and Klarna (stage payments).

Intercom allows Crua and its community to chat online instantly with any queries. The Crua team is glad to help whenever you need them!


Klarna gives the opportunity to pay within a six or twelve – month period! Get your Crua now, pay later. 




Let’s try! - Free Fabric Swatches

Crua will soon give you the opportunity to receive free fabric swatches! What does it mean? Well, it means that if you need to touch or feel the material from the tent you are about to buy, you can! Crua will be glad to send you free samples that could help in your decision making. All you need to do is ask via the website or contact us directly. Easy, right?

Join the Tent Revolution!

Crua has launched a new round of funding on SEEDRS. SEEDRS is a crowd-funding platform which allows people, just like you, to invest in companies. It is a great opportunity to join the Crua Community and be apart of the Crua Tent Revolution. You can invest as little or as high as you like, the choice is yours! Do not hesitate to spread the word. 

You can Invest here.



A bigger Community!


The last but not the least news, the Crua Team is very pleased to introduce three new ambassadors: Zenon Sharko, Jordan Anderson and Fabrizio Lo Faro.

Zenon Sharko comes from British Columbia in Canada. He used to work as a ski technician with the Canadian Ski Team but chose to give it up and dedicate his time to another love: the Kicking Horse Coffee Company. Of course, he keeps skiing in winter, goes hiking, climbing and it turns out recently that he loves alpine and bike touring as well. He has a lot of sports skills… such an outdoors guy!

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You’ll find more details about him here.

Crua is pleased to introduce Jordan Anderson, Jeremy’s cousin (another Crua ambassador). He splits his time between hunting and fishing. Nature and outdoors lover, Jordan was more than welcome to share his experience with Crua.

He's from Utah and grew up watching his dad and bothers fishing. Even though at the beginning he wasn’t really into it, this is how he learnt to fish and to like it.

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Have a look at some answers he gave us here!

Fabrizio Lo Faro has a unique, inspiring story. He is Italian but he is currently living in the south of England… in one of the Crua tents! Can you believe it? This is how he drew the Crua team’s attention.

Initially, he was a customer and had a successful career that didn’t make him happy! This is why he decided to quit his job, return to college in England and without letting high prices hold him back (of renting in England), he bought the Crua Tri that he pitched on his college grounds.

He is now a woodworking student, happy inhabitant of a Crua Tent (who has no right to be late for school) and soon will get his dream job.

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To know more about his story, click here!


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