Tent Temperature Rating Test

December 12 2020 – Derek O'Sullivan

Tent Temperature Rating Test - Crua Outdoors
Tent Temperature Rating Test - Crua Outdoors

The test included three tents (see above).Our Crua Tri (middle), Single Wall Winter Tent (Right), Ultra-Light Weight Tent (Left).


Do you enjoy being outdoors? You could be standing in the middle of a storm. Nose and Toes freezing, you are covered in mud and then it starts to rain. Nonetheless, it’s enjoyable. Of course, it is, we wouldn’t do it if it weren’t enjoyable. But, is sleeping in these conditions enjoyable? Not at all! With Crua Outdoors, It’s all about getting a better nights sleep in any weather condition. Whether it’s blistering hot outside or freezing cold. You won’t find a better thermally and acoustically insulated tent in the world.

Our tents cool down in hot and humid weather and retain heat in cold weather. To prove this we got a bit scientific at the weekend and did a Tent Temperature Test (see below).

Some Test Details

Date: January 11th, 2017   Place: Adirondack, New York

Test Period: 12:30am – 12:30pm

Outside Temperature at 12:30am: 45°F  Outside Temperature at 12:30pm: 40°F

All three tents had an equal heat source of a small heater (250W) inside the tent. This heat source imitated the heat of 2 bodies. The tents were heated for 5:30 hours, turned off for 1 hour (cooling period), and switched on again for the last 5:30 hours.

Test Day, Two

For reassurance, we completed the same testing on a second date, December 20th, 2016. The testing done on this day proved to be much the same results as for January 11th, 2017 (as seen below in graph).


So as we were saying earlier, You won’t find a better thermally and acoustically insulated tent in the world!


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