At Crua, we have made the conscious decision to keep our packaging minimal, to help keep our carbon footprint low. We try not to use a lot of plastic, we have kept our boxes low on print and colourless and we try to ship our product as efficiently as possible from our two locations. All of this is a small effort to help to keep our planet strong and free from a lot of rubbish. That being said, we can not avoid it completely. So, we are urging our customers to take our boxes and recycle, upcycle or reuse them.

 For every 1 ton of virgin cardboard that is created, it takes nearly 3 tons of trees! And if that same 1 ton of cardboard was thrown in the garbage, it would fill up 9 cubic yards of landfill space. That’s an astounding amount! Recycling cardboard not only saves space in the landfill, but that recycled cardboard can go on to live as new boxes, or they can be downcycled into paperboard (for things like cereal boxes) or chipboard (used for things like shoe boxes).

 But you don’t have to just recycle. There is the concept of upcycling (using the box for a new purpose) or reusing the box. If you need some inspiration on how you can upcycle or reuse your Crua box, below are some examples:


There are loads of ways to use your Crua box for playtime. You can tape lots of boxes together for a maze, you can use boxes of different sizes to cosplay a robot, make a pretend vehicle (airplane, boat, or car) or even dabble in a musical instrument! The list goes on and on! Just try Googling or searching Pinterest for cardboard box play ideas and you will get loads of inspiration!!


Of course, you could just use the box as is to store stuff in or you can jazz it up with paint or decorative tape and make it a focal piece.


Cardboard work in the garden as well! It can be put down as a weed barrier, used as a temporary flower pot or even just to protect your knees!


Whether you want to just tape some boxes together as is or get fancy and enter a Carboard Sled Race, the sky’s the limit on your snow sled imagination.


Got a leaky car? Cut the box so it can open flat and use it to protect your garage floor. Plus, you can see where the leak is coming from and what it might be.


Similarly, to playtime above, there are so many possibilities when it comes to crafts. Add some decorative duct tape or paint and you can make just about anything! Drink Coasters – DONE! Desk organizer – DONE! Puppet show – DONE! Christmas ornament – DONE!