Fire-Retardant Policy


At Crua Outdoors®, the safety of our customers, their family and friends, have always and will always be at the forefront of everything we do. We continue to focus and improve using an innovative approach to our product development cycle so that we can proudly claim to be “The Tent Expert”. We take this undertaking very seriously and go to every length to ensure that we fulfil our duty of care to each and every customer.

One of the elements of this responsibility is the use of Fire-Retardants in our products, and the need to balance that responsibility with the health and safety risks associated with the use of chemicals needed to achieve this. We understand that there is concern about the use of chemicals required to make products fire-retardant and compliant with the CPAI-84 Standard, which is specified by some countries and territories. We also know that there is no material or chemical treatment available today that will make a tent that is FIREPROOF. We have balanced this by providing an approach to our products which we believe provides the highest standards of safety and comfort to our customers and the environment, which is:-

● Use natural flame-resistant materials wherever possible. Use chemically treated flame-resistant materials only on our Outer Tents, Fly Sheets and Tarps.
● Comply with the highest of International Standards for all Tents and Sleeping Bags.


(FR) Fire-Retardant
(Non-FR) Non Fire- Retardant
CPAI-75 – Standard for flammability of sleeping bags set by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)
CPAI-84 : Standard for flame-resistant materials used in Camping Tentage set by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)

Our Standards

We have selected two standards that are internationally recognized, being CPAI-84 and CPAI-75.

Monitoring and Reporting

Within our supply chain, we ensure that all third-party suppliers comply with the appropriate standard as stated above and ask for evidence of the same.

Safety First

We advise all our customers to check the safety information provided in the instruction manuals and on the inner and outer labelling of our products. Always remember:

NEVER ever burn anything in or around your tent.

ALWAYS read the warning and caution labels carefully.

ALWAYS read the included tent instruction manuals thoroughly before use. 

Help and Support

We are here to support you to ensure that you have the very best experience. Please contact our team at Our website is continually updated with helpful information, please go to

Yours in Camping,
The Crua Outdoors Team

September 27, 2021