Fire Tower Hiking Adventure

February 28 2017 – Cs Development

Fire Tower Hiking Adventure - Crua Outdoors
Fire Tower Hiking Adventure - Crua Outdoors

Day 1: Start your day off with a breakfast meet-and-greet at Crua Headquarters. Next, it’s time to grab your gear and begin your journey to St. Regis Mountain. On the way, your guides will give you a brief history of the fire towers of the Adirondacks. Enjoy a moderate hike up St. Regis Mountain (2874 feet), as you gain over 1200 feet in elevation and climb to the top of your first fire tower peak. After your hard work, a stop at Donnelly’s is in order. Here, you’ll enjoy what’s claimed to be the soft serve ice cream in the world. Head back to Base Camp and unwind while a gourmet backcountry dinner is prepared.  

Day 2: For your next adventure, set out for the Hurricane Mountain Wilderness, but not before a good breakfast of course. On Hurricane Mountain (3,678 feet), you will gain 2000 feet of elevation but hike fewer miles (6.8 round trip), making this trip the most difficult of the three. The summit, however, is extremely rewarding, as you will be able to climb your second fire tower and witness majestic views of Giant Mountain and the Great Range, as well as Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont. On the way back to Base Camp, you’ll have the option to stop at some of the local, quaint gift shops, including the Brew Castle, carrying a wonderful and rare selection of craft brews and ciders. That evening, enjoy music, drinks, and a delicious meal—you earned it! 

Day 3: After breakfast, head out to the Tupper Lake Region for the easiest hike of the trip. On the way, you’ll have the option to stop and grab a homemade donut from the infamous Washboard—always a good idea. Finally, as you gain 700 feet of elevation, you’ll stand on the top of your final fire tower on the summit of Mt. Arab. Make one final and unique stop on your return back to Crua Headquarters at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Here you’ll spend time with playful river otters, wander the treetops on the new Wild Walk trail, and get a close-up look at all of the fish species in the Adirondacks.


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