Kickstarter Stretch Goal Unlocked

December 26 2016 – Cs Development

Kickstarter Project Update!

After an amazing 36 days on Kickstarter, we have received amazing support for our project from people all over the world, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with results. In just over 24 hours we were able to blow past our original funding goal of $20,000 and today, we reached the $250,000 mark.

THANK YOU — so much — to everyone for your help in getting the Crua Hybrid off the ground and for believing in this project. To our backers – we want to reiterate our commitment to delivering the products to your door later in the year.

Now that people have supported us to the point where we know that manufacturing will proceed, we want to continue to spread the word about the Crua Hybrid. As part of that, we’re inviting you to share this campaign with friends who might be interested in the Crua Hybrid.

And if you’re interested in ordering one for yourself (at the introductory price), we’re approaching the last week of the Kickstarter campaign  – so now is the time.


Thanks again everyone!


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