Mór Series

Mór Series

‘Mór’ (pronounced 'More') is the Irish word for 'big', meaning that these tents are ideal for larger groups and longer stays. The tents are secure, breathable, and noise dampening, helping you to have a great night sleep, where you are cut off from nature’s elements. The breathable polycotton used to make the tent's inner lining and flysheet as well as the waterproof TPU laminate on the flysheet's underside, means you don't have to worry about condensation turning your tent into a "slip 'n slide".

Crua Tri

$ 1,549.99 USD

3 Person Insulated Tent

12 total reviews


Crua Cottage

$ 1,799.99 USD

4-6 Person Vis-a-Vis Tent

4 total reviews

Crua Loj

$ 3,499.99 USD

6+ Person Insulated Tent

7 total reviews

Crua Tri Double-Sided Reflective Flysheet

$ 149.99 USD

1 total reviews


Crua Loj Double-Sided Reflective Flysheet

$ 269.99 USD

1 total reviews