Camping Tents

Camping Tents

At Crua, we're all about offering you the best camping tent for smart outdoor living. Whatever your story, wherever you're bound, Crua Outdoors has you covered with a choice of premium quality tents for every occasion and location.


Crua Combo

$ 699.99 USD

2 Person Tent Modular System

Crua Culla™

$ 499.99 USD

2 Person Temperature regulating Inner Cocoon Tent

Crua Duo

$ 269.99 USD

2 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

Crua Twin Hybrid Set

$ 779.99 USD

2 Person Tents/Hammock with Mattress' and Sleeping Bag's

Crua Twin Hybrid

$ 569.99 USD

2 Person Tents/Hammocks Only


$ 239.99 USD

2 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

Crua XTENT Combo

$ 599.99 USD

2 Person Modular System