The Crua Outdoors Koala Hammock is perfect for stealthy do-nothing days in the backyard or in the middle of nowhere while out camping. It's a good idea to get back to basics and start with this original hammock.

The Crua KOALA installs easily and safely into just about any tree or post, and it also features an attached mesh canopy for shade on hot summer days. After you've mastered staying lazy in a single hammock, try the double. Soaking up some sun, reading some hiking or camping mags from cover to cover, daydreaming of holidays.

Crua Hybrid

$ 299.99 USD

1 Person Tent or Hammock

Crua Hybrid Set

$ 439.99 USD

1 Person Ground Tent or Hammock Includes Mattress & Sleeping Bag

Crua Twin Hybrid

$ 569.99 USD

2 Person Tents/Hammocks Only

Crua Twin Hybrid Set

$ 779.99 USD

2 Person Tents/Hammock with Mattress' and Sleeping Bag's


Crua Koala

$ 69.99 USD

1 Person Hammock Only

Crua Koala Maxx

$ 169.99 USD

2 Person Hammock Only


Crua Culla™ Hammock Wrap Around

$ 185.99 USD

Insulated Outer Hammock Shell


Crua Koala Set

$ 209.99 USD

1 Person Hammock Full Set

Crua Koala Maxx Set

$ 329.00 USD

2 Person Hammock Full Set


Crua Hammock

$ 39.99 USD

1 Person Hammock Only

Crua Culla™ Hybrid Combo

$ 599.99 USD

1 Person Tent or Hammock