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  • Minimizes impact left behind on nature due to it's design.
  • Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space with the Crua Firepit.
  • Made from solid steel that is built to last, this firepit is perfect for year-round use.
  • Features a spacious design that accommodates larger logs and allows for plenty of heat to radiate.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain, this firepit is a must-have for any outdoor gathering.
  • Safe and reliable, the Crua Firepit is the perfect addition to your backyard, patio, or campsite.
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- Made with solid steel.

There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t like gazing into a fire while camping. The problem is, fires can quickly become out of control. But not with the Crua firepit; we aim to leave no mess behind.  

We created the firepit to help minimise the impact on nature by containing your fire safely. We use a reliable stainless steel design to ensure the fire stays under control at all times. 

The flat-pack design makes your life easier when transporting the firepit to your camping location. What makes this firepit unique is the slot together design; you don’t need any tools or special screws to erect the pit. 

We understand that cooking over a campfire is a difficult task, which we designed the firepit with that in mind. It comes with a flat panel at the top; big enough to hold two small pans of your choosing. 

It even features grill-like slots so you can get the BBQ feeling running through your food.  

Whether you’re looking to contain a fire for your next camping trip or your backyard, this firepit offers you everything you need to get cooking.

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Weight: 55lbs/25kg 

Length:  20in/50.8cm 

Width: 15.9in/40.6cm 

Height: 18in/45.7cm 

Material: Alloy Steel 

Assembly Required: Yes


1. What materials is the firepit made from?

The Crua Firepit is among the toughest on the market. It's made mostly with 3mm steel plates, reinforced at the edges. The smaller base plate and the grill/hotplate are 2mm. Like all Crua products - it's built to last.

2. What weight is it? 

The net weight is 25Kgs or 55lbs.

3. Is it easy to carry and set-up?

Yes! It can be set up in a minute, and we include a carry bag to make it simple to transport. There are only 4 main plates, and they simply slot into each other.

4. What are the dimensions when set-up?

The external dimensions are 40.6cm (15.9 inches) wide X 50.8cm (20 inches) long X 41cm (18 inches) high, with 10cm clearance between the bottom of the firebox and the ground.

5. Is the grill/hotplate included?

Yes. Everything is included as standard - no hidden extras.

Pots and pans are not included

6. Are these in production yet?

Yes, these Firepits have been thoroughly tested, and are already in production.

7. Is it easy to 'maintain'?

Like all steel products, this Firepit should be looked after to extend lifetime. Although it is powder-coated, some easy steps should be taken to look after it. Please note that you will observe some discoloration of the plates after use. Maintenance guidelines will be included with the Crua Firepit. 

8. What can you burn?

We suggest burning wood or BBQ charcoals/briquettes only. And only burning in a suitable area, in a responsible manner.

9. Will the various plates Warp?

As anyone who has worked with steel knows, upon heating, steel parts change volume while they change their crystal structure. This in turn can lead to dimensional distortion or slight warping. Our design and thorough testing have minimized this through folding and reinforcements. But there will inevitably be slight distortions in all firepits, including ours. 


We know that you may have some questions about our products - so we've got a dedicated FAQ Page that can answer them.

If you still cannot find the answer to your query, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Your Crua Warranty

All of our Crua products carry a full two-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. If for any reason you are experiencing an issue that you feel falls under our Warranty, we will be happy to help. For more information on our Crua Warranty please visit our Returns & Warranty Page


Care and maintenance for your Crua is very important to ensure it lasts for years and the warranty stays in tact. Check out our Product Care Instructions for help looking after your Crua.

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Crua Firepit

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shelly Detamore (Dallas, US)
Heavy but effective

Cons: Lots of packaging. Heavy. Tote bags don’t seem like they will be up for handling the fire pit.
Pros: Fire under almost any circumstances! Breaks down making it compact or slim.

I paid full price and would do so again because it is a Firepit for dummies. My biggest complaint is the weight, stressing out the tote bags and detracting from the “portability” of the pit.

Jack Leatherland (London, GB)
Nice little “portable” fire pit

This is a great bit of kit, well made and should last a while. Was great camping with a family of 5, I’ve marked it 4 stars due to the weight, it’s 25kg so not light or easy to build on your own, also due to the weight the bag provided is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Hi Jack,

Thank you for your great feedback!

It is a heavy tool indeed, but it means it is durable as you described. A good fireplace brings the family together. Enjoy the gathering in the colder evenings at the campsite:)

Happy camping,

Gregory J.
Well Built Firepit

Used the Crua Firepit whilst out camping. Awesome Design and well built. Will be coming back to Crua for more!!