Clan Series

Clan Series

‘Clan’ is a play on the Irish word for Family. We call them modular, you might call them connectable. Our connectable tents are used by themselves or in little connected groups. This clan set of tents is our best selling and can be used individually or attached together - a living room and up to 3 bedrooms off the main room, pretty neat and unique. The Crua Core is the central tent in this series, and with two side panels in the porch, it gives a great panoramic view from your pitch. The Core’s awesomeness doesn’t end there. As a key part of our modular tent series, it can be combined in multiple ways with the Crua Duo, Crua Culla, Crua Duo Maxx, or Crua Culla Maxx. How you use it, all depends on the number of friends and family members for which you need to cater.

Crua Core

$ 1,449.99 USD

6 Person Tent with Airframe Beams

Crua Culla Maxx

$ 679.99 USD

3 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Duo

$ 279.99 USD

2 Person Tent

Crua Culla Family

$ 899.99 USD

5 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Duo Maxx

$ 379.99 USD

3 Person Tent

Crua Culla

$ 579.99 USD

2 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Combo

$ 699.99 USD

2 Person Insulated Tent Bundle

Crua Combo Maxx

$ 849.99 USD

3 Person Insulated Tent Bundle

Crua Clan

$ 2,999.99 USD

6+ Person Multi-Room Tent

Crua Clan Maxx

$ 3,499.99 USD

9+ Person Multi-Room Tent

Crua Digital Gift Card

$ 50.00 USD

Crua Camping Carpet

$ 139.99 USD

Insulated Camping Carpet

Crua Culla Xtent Combo

$ 799.99 USD

2 Person Modular System

Crua Culla Xtent Combo Maxx

$ 899.99 USD

3 Person Modular System