Crua Hybrid

1 Person Tent or Hammock

To hang or not to hang? That is the question that differentiates the pioneering Crua Hybrid from a typical one-person tent. To...

$ 299.00 USD $ 239.00 USD

Crua HoverChair

1 Person Chair Only

We know you love being in nature, clear skies above, raw beauty as far as the eye can see. We also appreciate...

$ 89.00 USD $ 44.50 USD


Forest Green

Crua Cottage

4-6 Person Vis-a-Vis Tent

The Crua Cottage. Another instant classic. Combining all the amazing features we give in all our tents, with some new additions. We...

$ 2,399.00 USD $ 2,159.00 USD

Crua Koala

1 Person Hammock Only

The most successful hammock in crowdfunding - but better! Feature-rich and supreme build quality! Who doesn't love a Koala? Koalas can sleep...

$ 169.00 USD $ 135.00 USD

Crua Firepit

- Made with solid steel. There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t like gazing into a fire while camping. The...

$ 224.00 USD


2 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

We spent the last two years developing the XTENT. We worked tirelessly to create an easy-to-use, all-round tent. The only strings attached are...

$ 349.00 USD $ 279.00 USD



Crua Twin Hybrid

2 Person Tents/Hammocks Only

What could possibly be better than the Crua Hybrid? Why two of them, of course. With the Crua Twin Hybrid, you get...

$ 529.00 USD $ 423.00 USD

Crua Koala Maxx

2 Person Hammock Only

The most successful hammock in crowdfunding - but better! Feature-rich and supreme build quality! Who doesn't love a Koala? Koalas can sleep...

$ 199.00 USD $ 159.00 USD

Crua HoverChair Xtend

1 Person Chair with Foot Hammock

The Crua HoverChair Xtend takes the notion of "camping in style" up a notch with an add-on sling for your legs and...

$ 99.00 USD $ 49.50 USD



Crua XTENT Maxx

3 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

We spent the last two years developing the XTENT. We worked tirelessly to create an easy-to-use, all-round tent. The only strings attached are our awesome guy ropes. With two main poles connected together,...

$ 389.00 USD $ 311.00 USD



Crua Hybrid Set

1 Person Ground Tent or Hammock Includes Mattress & Sleeping Bag

The concept behind the Crua Hammock Tent Hybrid Full Set is to be the top all-round, all-weather one-person tent, ultimately providing "4...

$ 399.00 USD $ 319.00 USD

Crua Twin Hybrid Set

2 Person Tents/Hammock with Mattress' and Sleeping Bag's

Hybrid (noun) /hai brid/ - a thing made by combining two different elements. No, you're not "seeing double." The Twin Hybrid Full...

$ 729.00 USD $ 583.00 USD

5 Crua Storm Stakes

When gale-force winds start to blow in, you need to make sure your tent is pegged securely to the floor. Watching your...

$ 29.99 USD $ 25.00 USD

Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag

Make the most of your outdoor sleeping experience with this specially crafted three-season sleeping bag. The mummy sleeping bag has fantastic dimensions...

$ 79.00 USD $ 67.00 USD

Crua Self Inflating Mattress

The difference between having a comfortable night’s sleep and a cold and uncomfortable night comes down to how well you can insulate...

$ 79.00 USD $ 67.00 USD

Crua Gear Hammock

Mini hammock for gear storage.  Hangs inside your tent or under your hammock to keep your valuables close and dry. Multiple Usage:...

$ 29.99 USD $ 25.00 USD

Crua Pump

This sturdy two-way action pump is designed to work seamlessly with all Crua products. Apply it to effortlessly inflate your tent in...

$ 29.00 USD $ 24.50 USD

Crua LED Light

Camping is a great experience, but things get a little complicated when the night drifts in. Without a suitable lighting device, it...

$ 9.99 USD $ 8.50 USD

Crua 2-in-1 Canopy and Hammock

Need more protection from the elements?  Simply add the Crua Canopy.  But this is not just any tarp, this is a Crua...

$ 119.00 USD $ 101.00 USD

Dark Green

Dark Red

Crua Hammock Stand

There’s nothing better than chilling in a hammock, but finding the perfect place to set it up, can be a hassle. Our...

$ 169.00 USD $ 143.00 USD

Crua Hanging Chair Stand

Do you love the thought of a hanging chair but have no idea where to hang it? Well, you’re in luck. With...

$ 169.00 USD $ 143.00 USD

Crua Convertible Stand

The Crua Convertible Stand is Crua's latest innovation and first of its kind. Not only can you use the Convertible stand with the...

$ 269.00 USD $ 228.00 USD

Crua All-in-One Mattress & Quilt

Optimum Comfort. Your Mattress & Quilt is built with the highest-grade materials we could find. Rated down to 0 Degrees Celsius (32...

$ 149.00 USD $ 125.00 USD

Crua Tarp

The perfect tarp cover for any scenario - over your hammock, over your picnic, whatever you need! ** Poles are not included...

$ 39.00 USD $ 33.00 USD
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